Uber has a very specific rule on drivers and guns

However, here in the south, so many of us regular law abiding citizens own guns and/or carry concealed without a permit, the law is almost laughable. Even in states with “stand your ground” laws, the burden is still with the shooter to prove necessity. Even if your not criminally charged, you would most likely be sued for monetary damages by the family, which win or loose will break the bank (literally). Many in the “south” take the position that everyone is armed and behave accordingly.

You’re literally on the road, offering your car for hire to strangers. Strangers are going to approach your car. And if your negligent enough to think that every instance that someone approaches your car and doesn’t immediately identify themselves with the hands up and the words Uber coming from their mouth is a situation in which you need to draw your firearm, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a firearm.

Seriously, be more alert, since the job you voluntarily choose to do consists of strangers approaching your vehicle, and if you’re that worried then you either need to not do this, or you need to be aware of people approaching your vehicle and you need to take responsibility for speaking to them to confirm they approaching you for Uber.

Let me get this straight, you’re telling the guy who uses curse words to chill out? When it’s in response to a guy who’s pulling his gun on anyone who approaches his car, when he signed up for a job that includes people approaching his car.

Actually, if you read the first post, he said he is NOT a driver or rider. His complaint was that a rider jumped in his car THINKING he was their driver like a dumbass

One little detail can make all the difference. Whoops.

Now I only wonder why the guy is sitting in his car waiting around in populated areas, with a gun, now…

If I wasn’t driving for Uber and I happened to be waiting to pickup my girlfriend from where ever she happened to drag me that day - its a weekly occurrence - and someone just jumped in and demanded I take them somewhere my first thought would be threat too. I wouldn’t shoot unless and until I saw a weapon - as any CCW holder should - but I’d be less than friendly.

He chooses a “drivers” forum to warn riders? Wow! I reckon this guy’s aim would take down a few innocents when he expresses his State-Given right to use deadly force. Bullets flying all over the place from an idiot who has been able to totally miss hit Twitter and Uber blogs as the best target for his “warning”.

Have a go at me if you wish, but there’s an angle we aren’t seeing. Folk who feel that their “right” to end life is being challenged are often blinded by the satisfying flash of powder when the first shot is made.

Stop focusing on the gun, and start focusing on the idea that you’re driving along minding your own business and somebody hops in to your car thinking you’re an Uber. Is it true? Who knows, but it’s an interesting premise. The gun is a red herring, and you took the bait

I really don’t understand what people have against the right to arm yourself. I don’t carry any gun myself but to me this right that I have is as important as my right to freedom of speech. Therefore to me, someone who is against my right to carry arm is no different than a person who is against my right to freedom of speech. This is my position on the whole nonsense gun debate which is a debate that annoys me a lot.

No he shouldn’t get shot. And to avoid the possibility getting shot he shouldn’t enter someone’s vehicle without the owner’s permission just to make a dumb joke. If he entered and get shot then I will feel sorry for him. But I will feel sorry for him as much as I will feel sorry for someone who was messing with a mountain lion and got killed by it.

The gun was never pulled. The whole point of the joke is that nobody in America ever knows if someone is packing a gun. Black humor for a country tied to a constitutional right financially supported by the munitions sellers

We are a vicious, violent, war happy nation and Australia is our ally. I’ve never heard Australia complain to the United States about human rights violations regarding guns and threatened to cut off trade relations because of it.

I’m sure that this joke would play beautifully on Australian TV in order to show how appalling it would be to go visit America, accidentally hop into a car that was not your Uber and have a gun pulled on you. It is totally gruesome but if played properly it is very funny. You choose the Australian comedian of your choice to play the passenger and the driver.

Try all you want. I am not getting into an annoying gun debate with you. Especially when your arguments are this weak. The 2nd statement you made even though it’s true, is not even applicable here.