Uber Gobank Debit Card- Anybody using it?


(Bick Bhangoo) #1

Does anyone use Uber’s GoBank Debit Card option? If so what has your experience been? Any problems?

(Audrina Jameson) #2

I have had a GoBank card since April 2018 - just started using it in June 2018. Then two weeks ago the card snapped on the end after using to get gas, and now the card doesn’t work. So when calling GoBank today, it’s seven business days to get a new card. If you need the money in that account now then you have to buy a GoBank Card at Walmart for $3 then they will transfer to up $1000 on that GoBank card for you to use. I’m Not impressed with this process at all… should credit back the $3, but they didn’t even offer to that at all.

(Mathew Boolean) #3

It seems to get declined at a lot of the same places no matter how much money and if you use anywhere but designated ATM sites your charged $3.00. Even if a bank doesn’t charge. Getting money back when shopping in certain places.

(Paul Garcia) #4

I use it and have no problems with it…
And like a post from yesterday or the day before, I got it so my personal banking wouldn’t be involved in my side job and my express pays would be free.

(Graham Sandy) #5

It sucks. It’s like my card got swiped 2 times. Pain in the ass trying to get your money back. I just use my personal bank card. F*** Uber Gobank.

(Mike Knott) #6

I have been using my uber card for over a year and never have had any issues. I even have my job direct deposit to it.

(Bick Bhangoo) #7

Good to hear. Uber has got something good for Uber drivers. Mostly it is bad news.