UBER getting corporate?

I thought UBER was to get ppl from A to B. When did it become so corporate? Chargers, music, and even candy. Shits creepy yo.

“Want some candy?” Fuckin creepy

That actually was from day one when they launched. They wanted to differentiate themselves from taxis in both service and cost.

If Jeffrey Dahmer’s was around on the creation of Uber he probably wouldn’t of been drinking is people at bars and bringing them home probably would be just the Uber driver or hop on the coolest line and meet people and hand out candy to them and then get out with make it out

Reading the comments, most of y’all don’t have a slightest clue how it all started.

Drivers who think having all that in the car will get them more tips and more stars. No, I don’t know when it started but I personally don’t agree with the “extras” some drivers put inside their vehicle

I did the water during the summer and never had a pax take one… so I started to give them out to the homeless on side of the roads when I would drive down town I have gotten more tips for giving water to them than I did giving it to my pax

Well, Uber should send us reloadable hospitality kits! They get half the fare…

Just keep your car clean and uncluttered, be nice and your tips will appear.

Let me explain simple economics to you. I buy a 30 pack of water for less than $2. One thirsty rider tips $5 and you have profit. Parents with kids love that there’s candy. They too tip you. It’s money in your pocket.

I give out a bag of assorted candy at the end of the ride just to say thank you. I’ve seen a increase in tips and it makes the riders happy.

I offer free smacks upside the head… I even have a sign that says so. I clean up with tips, people love the smacks.

Maybe it’s cause I only do UBER once a week. I don’t see the worth in it while people are already complaining about fares.

I get the 5 and 10 dollar tips without the water, the goodies, the gum, whatever. Control your expenses and stop spending money on unneeded stuff.

Well, I shouldn’t tell my trade secrets… but, I get 5 stars and lots of tips because of the little extras I have in my car…

anything to make a $$$, ima hustler so im wit it

I don’t want people drinking and eating in my car. They make messes as it is

Coachella and stage coach is when I give water out .
Try to avoid giving much out due to sue happy people

Well i have a 5 star average rating and i just be nice and keep car clean and smell good. Thats it. If u gotta go that extra just to get tips… i mean…damn

No shit. I offer single LifeSavers and THAT IS IT! I haye bad breath. I’m not going to waste my $$ on that

I suppose you also think it’s creepy when a hotel puts a mint on your pillow? You are in the service industry. Best wise up