Uber Fees for Long Distance Pickup - 28 cents

(Kimberly Nelson) #1

Uber gave me a 28 cent distance fee for a 20 minute away pickup. Uber always makes so much. Charged the rider $17!


(Harold Young) #2

You probably only took 11 minutes to get to them. Uber only starts paying at the 10-minute mark, on average. Most drivers will rush to the long pickups and end up costing themselves money. You have to take your time to get paid.

(Peter Nelson) #3

Mileage matters for long pickups. It can take 20 minutes to drive 5 miles around here, so yeah, that still isn’t worth it

(Mitchel) #4

The long-distance pickup fee was instituted to stop drivers from blowing off those far away rides. So those smart drivers that pioneered that cancellation road to bring Uber to this fee are on the right path. Keep denying those long distance rides, and they will raise the fee.

(Jose Hernandez) #5

People need to play the fee better. Around here you get paid after the 11 mins of travel… Not miles … Some people need to slowdown and enjoy the view of the ride … It pays more

(Kenneth Miller) #6

the reasonable thing to do is to let drivers start rides from where you pick up the ping until drop off, too cheap fares make it impossible to survive especially if you do this fulltime.

(Greg Poprik) #7

if your more than 12 miles from where iam i simply dont accept the ride it isnt worth it and usually the passenger is only going maybe 2 miles.