"Uber - Express Pool Walking"

Do any of you get “Uber - Express Pool Walking” (Which is a corner to corner ride)…And then when the App tell you “Drop Noname Off” on the corner they look all confused, then they point to the location down another street, across 4 Lanes of traffic during rush hour? It’s irritating because they 1) select the cheapest ride…2) they are harder to locate at pickup… 3) And they want to be dropped off like an UberX at their exact address instead of a corner. You get what you pay for. Many of them know EXACTLY what ride they selected, they’re regular Uber riders. They should Change the ride to UberX or offer a tip for the extra ride. I’m not paying for their ride. Plus they don’t talk the whole ride, then want extras, REALLY!!

All of the time…they even call to say I don’t know where to walk thus can you come and find me…I’m like I’ll be there in 5 minutes that should give you enough time to walk to the pickup location.

At pickup say you requested express pool it’s like a bus stop if u aren’t here I can’t go off route. On drop offs Just lie n say oh unfortunately for insurance reasons I can’t take u any further Uber’s insurance only covers us/you until here. Has worked for me everytime. No BS 1*s, also its the tone u use, dont be rude, sounds nice and likbu actualy mean it. Most say that makes sense and get out. Also nice starting an express pool trip plus 3.75$ cuz first rider didn’t make it there in time.

plus almost every corner is a red curb, bus zone, no stopping any time etc. So tired of these rides and the manipulations of the riders.

Me too. The 1st Express Rides I did were all red curbs and in dangerous areas…but hey folks think we can legally park anywhere we want including in the middle of the road so go figure.

Imho, express pool riders are two distinct types: The ones that understand the situation and do the right thing. And those who are trying to save money, but don’t know what to do, or send a text saying: please pick me up in front of xyz. I cancel the second type, right after I acknowledge the text or phone call.

Usually I just wait the 2 min if they don’t show up I just cancel the ride… if they asked to dropped them off at a different location other then the corner I just don’t , I do tell them that they choose the cheapest ride and that is why they need to walk the rest.

Also nice starting an express pool trip plus 3.75$ cuz first rider didn’t make it there in time.