Uber Express Pool is worse than UberPOOL

Uber Express Pool is awful! None of the riders are ever where they are supposed to be and get so mad and rate you a 1 when you drop them off where they have to walk the rest of the way. They also have the nerve to ask you to drive all the way to their location & never tip. I don’t do them any favors- no. How do we get rid of uber pool express?

The infestation of pool continues I see… This is Uber’s vision, pool for the cheap pax n all the stress of pickups n drop-offs lies on the driver. Rating n tips will be affected. Wait till it’s raining n pax are suppose to be at these pool express spots. Imagine dropping them off at a spot, not their destination… Well thought out Uber… nottttt

That’s my issue most of them beg you to take them to their destination. You have to be the hard ass and insist on letting then off where the app tells you to. What’s even worse is when you have a passenger waiting to be dropped off watching the bantering back and forth.

The only way to get rid of it is to stop taking pool rides. Drivers need to understand there is power in numbers and everyone needs to stop doing pool rides.

Uber and Lyft will keep offering cheap pool rides to people at the expense of the driver; solidarity is the answer, drivers in every city should stand together against the pool. If no one is taking it, riders will stop using it.

UberX rates aren’t the best, but the pool is worse. If that pool ride doesn’t come with a surge, don’t take it. With surge on a pool ride, you can make a decent amount of money picking additional riders, without surge you are taking a voluntary pay cut and working extra hard for no reason.