Uber eats delivery frustration

Three time now doing uber eats delivery I find myself at the exact address given to me thru app with only info from costumer saying “wait in your vehicle”

I wait, then text costumer that “I have arrived”, then wait longer, then call costumer with no response.

I start process to cancel delivery after 10 minute wait.

Then finally irate costumer calls me and wants to know why I didn’t read the specific delivery instructions they sent —room number, floor, back access et.

I had a similar experience when I traveled to a “cross city”, other than the original City that my account was registered to. After the first five or so deliveries, I started to think it was strange that they all said wait in car. In my original City that I drive in normally, wait in car is more of a rare delivery instruction. It was never confirmed but I personally believe that it was an error that was happening with my app. Every delivery that I did for that day said wait in car. I would contact Uber support and find out what the problem is.

ok thanks will do that