Uber drivers things are going to get harder

UBER has 81.000 drivers in the bay area so good luck , soon you will be making 4.00 per hr or less the cost of living in the bay area is not chip drivers, wake up demand the 50.00 hourly. your dignity is not worth 4 .00 dollars they also keep hiring more drivers. do they care about the drivers i don’t think so good luck

Only 81 drivers? We don’t get paid by the hour. This was never meant to be a full time job. Can’t demand an hourly rate especially $50/hr when literally almost anyone can do the job. You drive, someone gets in, you follow the blue line and they get out. I’m sorry but it’s not a skilled job. They don’t hire drivers and we are contractors, not employees, of course they don’t care about us. I work for the largest delivery company in the world as a driver, and guess what, they don’t care about me either. Your expectations were way too high going in my friend.

I am tired of seeing that bullshit line: “This was never meant as a full time job”. Where in the TOS does it say that Uber and Lyft are only to be used part-time??
Smart drivers, who get into their work and are able to effectively strategize, have no issues running Uber and Lyft full-time.

Yeah. It’s funny that they say never. It sure as hell was in the beginning when uber would advertise it that way. Be a micro entrepreneur. Lol.

some of you people are straight up delusional! $50/hr? So you are telling me we should be making as much as the average airline pilot or district attorney??? I kindly ask you to pull your head out of your own ass and get real. Realize what we are, replaceable, a dime a dozen and unskilled workers making a pretty good wage. I made $30/hr tonight, and that’s a usual night for me, if you don’t like what were making here why don’t you go try to find another job to pay that.

I have a better plan for you my friend, go to school, get a degree, look for a company that offers you employment according to all of your qualifications, and “chichin” easy money for you!

Explain to me how you can demand $50 ph? That’s simply ludicrous.

Riverside is overflowing with drivers especially downtown. It sucks ass. Welp time to start hitting anaheim again

Life is a jungle. U gotta fight to survive. No one will put the food in your mouth, so u gotta go find it.
Yes, rideshare job is a jungle.

you would think drivers would stop making these outrageous statements regarding drivers demanding more money and drivers earning the crazy low rates currently…of course Uber keeps trying to get more drivers…it’s a driver company, and the more people like you asking drivers to quit or else…means they need to hire new drivers more not less…if every company just rolled over anytime a disgruntled driver demanded more money…lol

well, what Uber and Lyft have done to drivers is inexcusable and has to be fought. A coordinated effort to change how things work is the only way.

It only took 56 signatures on a declaration, out of 2.5 million people, to change the world. We will work for others whether you appreciate it or not

Uber will never pay you an hourly wage, that’s the brilliance of making drivers independent contactors, you do the heavy lifting, and then as a result get a larger portion of the fee collected.

going hourly Uber and Lyft will just run into the complications that Taxi companies already have benefits, wages, and retirement compansation along with insurance premiums

As of yesterday, the NY Supreme Court ruled that because Uber’s policies (in NY), those drivers are actually EMPLOYEES of Uber.
It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

If this is true, let’s see how the drivers like it when Uber pulls out of New York. $0 per hour.

Horrible I rather stay independent so I won’t get told when to drive. It’s the Gig economy it’s not supposed to give you a living wage it’s just supposed to help u make extra.