Uber drivers have the right to complain?

I often hear uber drivers aren’t happy with the pay let alone let alone with the independent contractor type employment but as uber drivers do we really have the right to complain about a opportunity we have been given let alone aren’t exactly being forced to do?

Yes. They are breaking the law. Period. Opportunity? To do work with no job security or benefits? Just because no one’s forcing you to drive for them doesn’t mean it’s ok for them to exploit workers.

There’s plenty of jobs they offer no security or benefits. Why is uber getting the most heat for it? Then again my main job is 1099 for the past 7 years so it seems normal to me

Again because they treat you like an employee but won’t pay the costs that go along with it. Ssi ,workers comp. Etc.

take it or leave it to others. Everyone can decide if/when/where/how long to drive for Uber. Is nonsense to drive and complain. If Uber were bad, there would be no drivers anymore and rates and work conditions would improve. It’s a supply and demand balance.

they are not breaking the law unless they force you to work certain areas or a set location. You’re a contractor so you don’t get benefits

Yes we do have the right to complain. Are they breaking the law? Not yet. Are they skirting it and pushing the limits on it, very much so. Right now they are still working in a grey area in certain markets where cities haven’t stepped up and updated their transportation rules. As for the employee status, no. They are no different in their behavior than big providors who have authorized retailers. There are requirements that are expected out of every reseller (which we are in a sense) to meet minimum requirements to be allowed to represent the larger company. Are they pushing that relationship to extremes where they should not? Yes.

Wouldn’t driving for uber only at ur own time be constituted as ur own boss? Let alone ur own car and gas etc.

Some people haven’t had to actually work in a self employed business model yet and this one definitely pushes some boundaries on it but to me it is still self employment.

What I do my main job I set my own schedule, work when I want, use my own car and gas. When I make business i take my cut and so does my parrent company. I’m 1099

Uber is pretty much the same set up

And a lot of them don’t explain or distinguish the difference between paper loss/profit and real loss/profit.

Henry as ic we should be able to set rate

Without diving to far into the math it’s quite obvious driving for Uber or lyft is a loser sans heavy surge…

Reason I don’t do Uber full time is because after setting aside money for expensive, tax car etc I’m left with about 25% of my earnings.

I divide the earnings into hours work the minute I open the app and it comes out to about 9~10/hr not including taxes. Only reason I doit is because there’s no better part-time out there since you make your own hours.

Uber is probably, actually by far the absolute worst company In the history of capitalism. The absolute worst!!

I do not drive for Uber as a full time driver… I have a full time job… I like to fill in time with Uber and I like the fact that I can do it when and if I want to… If I were to become an employee that would mean I have to punch in and out when Uber wants me to drive for them… that would be a deal breaker for me… but I know everyone has their own agendas… that is just my 2 cents.

What makes you assume that you would be forced to work a schedule? I’ve had several sales representative jobs where I made my own hours and was properly considered an employee. Why do people perpetuate this assumption?

I don’t really don’t care about that shit it’s the assclown customer that gets me.

People are people… My other job is working at the airport for an airline… you want to see clowns ?? Come to work with me for a day … lol

How much you can earn after deducting your expenses? How much is minimum wage?

I made a lil over 700 bucks in 35hrs last weekend. Seems like good wages to me. My real job covers insurance, retirement, etc.