Uber Drivers Constantly cancelling/No Acceptance of Rides

I’m so tired of Uber drivers constantly cancelling, some even cancel after I’ve waited more than 15-20 minutes for them.

Now have melting chicken and steak sitting in bags next to me while I wait in the heat in front of the grocery store, the system shows 8 available drivers, two accepted and then cancelled with apparently no penalty and none of the remaining drivers are accepting.

Apparently Uber doesn’t GAF about either Drivers OR Customers. If the drivers where I live need more loney, I told Uber to add Uber Black to the system, they completely ignored me.

I’m so tired of Uber’s completely lack of Customer or Driver service.

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I am pretty sick of this too. It has never happened to me, but my 19 year old daughter called me sobbing at 6:20 am. She had just finished her 10 hour overnight shift and ordered an Uber. Two drivers called her and cancelled after she told them her destination. It is snowing here and the drivers would have earned $45 for driving her 20 minutes on plowed highways. So stupid to cancel on her.

Ir’s pretty obvious that Uber doesn’t listen or respond to either their drivers or their customers or their would be penalties for driver behavior’s like this, driver’s who behave like this should have their account’s terminated or at the very least be sent to retraining.

I just had a guy call me and refuse to accept credit card, and when I said ok, how much cash? He wanted 4 times the application rate but to Uber apparently that’s acceptable behavior, because after 6 emails of nothing but canned responses I finally just stopped emailing them, and I’ve heard the same thing from driver’s about User’s who have done crazy things.

At the time I was at my house so it just annoyed me, but sometimes they try that highway robbery when it’s pouring rain, snow, ect like in your daughter’s case and that’s when it infuriates me.

I actually reported one driver to the police for driving in circles over and over and flat refusing to stop after it was clear that he was lost, which is entrapment and can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on case.

And look at this! Both Driver’s and Riders had to create their own public forum to discuss the problems because Uber simply won’t listen to either side. UBER DESERVE’S TO LOSE THE UPCOMING CASE AGAINST THEM IN CALIFORNIA, THEY DON’T LISTEN TO DRIVER’S THEY DON’T LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS AND IT’S TIME THE PUBLIC SENT THEM A MESSAGE.