Uber drivers act like a bunch of negative Nancy's


(Peter Nelson) #1

Lol why a lot of y’all Uber drivers act like a bunch of negative Nancy’s, miserable, unappreciative, poor service giving, non 5 star getting , hating on the next man type of folks… Lol stay off my post with all that disrespectful talk… All that cussing is unnecessary act professional but then again a lot of y’all personalities probably reflect y’all service so I can understand the hate… :fu::fu::fu:

(Harold Young) #2

Since you’ve decided what it’s like in our cars, I can tell what it’s like in your car … telling pax to be quiet, don’t be “negative”, sit up straight …

(Dennis Scott) #3

Naw lol that’s what I get from a lot of you drivers that’s all y’all ever complain about

(Allicia Lopez) #4

I’m an Uber driver go ahead and block me cuz I would hate for something I say one day to help you

(Jerry Hall) #5

I do see a lot of negative posts here. Now, I am a perfectly reasonable person almost all the time. I know that the way I treat my customers directly links to my income. I strive to give each and every rider the “5 star experience” which includes free snacks, drinks, gum, cough drops, multiple kinds of phone chargers, a professionally detailed once a week vehicle, they can play their music if they ask, and I am always willing to go that extra mile for my riders. I get almost always 5 stars, and I know and understand that there will be riders that aren’t going to be happy no matter how great I am as a driver that aren’t going to tip and will not rate me over 1 star.
There are drivers out there (not saying this applies to anyone in this group!) That are going to do as little as possible for their riders, I’m sire you know the type. Messy wrecked out vehicle that smells, driver is rude to his riders constantly and just generally unprofessional and doesn’t care. And will complain about the lack of tips and ratings. People like that really do make the rest of us look bad.
These same people can’t seem to grasp WHY they are getting no tips and bad ratings. This is front line customer service at its best, and there are just some people that don’t/won’t work to a high standard for whatever reason.
I take pride in what I do. I strive for as close to perfection as I can be, and when I do get that very rare 1 star rating it just makes me want to up my game even more.
I don’t “have” to work as a rideshare driver, I do it because I like doing it, love the people that I get to meet (except for that one old perverted man who touched my hair and tried to kiss me) and for me, it’s a LOT of fun over 90%.
The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate and the fakers gonna fake fake fake fake baby I’m just gonna shake shake shake, shake it off, shake it off…

(Timothy Clark) #6

And ur not trapping the haters ur getting a rise out of the drivers that are educated and can but this simple equation together. U on the other hand seem to enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Nothing wrong with that just don’t think it’s for everyone lol

(Harris Frank) #7

My my looks like someone woke up on the wring side of the bed today. Chill man it’s all in fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for most of us

(Eric Moore) #8


  1. an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.
  2. act or work as a shill

(Jill Aron) #9

Guys like you give illegals a bad name, I suggest you go back to the bitch you were hatched :hatching_chick: from and figure out who your daddy was.

(Jose Hernandez) #10

Do you have proof to back up the claim of illegality, or did you just profile him by his Spanish name…

(Anderson Lee) #11

Oh gawd another shit post…:joy: you need to work on your social appeal if you want people to like you. Majority of us can see through the BS. We know you’re seeking for attention. Maybe you just need to calm the fck down.

(Kenneth Miller) #12

Mannnnnn shut y’all boring ass personalities up!!! And stop hating… I give out candy full size bars too… And water Fiji water and anything else you can think of… This a group Im here to interact with other drivers I’m going to do that how I want… Nobody asking y’all ignorant/some racist/ negative folks for opinions… why y’all even taking time to even comment?

(Paul Garcia) #13

Wierdo is kinda tame. Nah I have a regular job, uber is a nice hobby for me. And these fb groups are fantastic entertainment for me. And cheap entertainment too!

(David Smith) #14

Me too Mike, I sure don’t do it for the money! Meeting and driving these people around is a ton of fun for me. Otherwise I’d be sitting at a bar all weekend lol

(Audrina Jameson) #15

Y’all go head and get it together and stop crying… After Uber and Lyft is gone wtf y’all gonna do then? Oh I forgot y’all contractors y’all gonna find the next company to bid on your services NOT!!! So if you in it to make money shut up and be greatful… And if you want to or not try and please the customer that’s your business I don’t see a reason to hate or call out the next man for it… y’all sit here complain about short trips trying to jerk the customer when I can actually work harder and turn that $3 into $6 while yall still complaining or not

(Peter Dave) #16

:joy: once again zero social appeal…now you sound angry as fck totally screaming for attention like a petulant child.

(Mitchel) #17

He’s starting to get a little triggered, shouldn’t have much longer and he’ll go over the edge lmao!

(Haris_McMan) #18

Yeah, fuck that shit, I provide great service then complain on here, lol, better than flipping out on a pax

(Amanda Halen) #19

Says the guy who gets called for having his view blocked by installing a tablet on his dashboard and does not admit that it is a hazard. Dumbass!

(Maurice Nixon) #20

Go back to the Bronx and stay there. Give your spike Lee pep talks to someone who might give a fuck