Uber Driver Union - What are your thoughts about it?

I found this in a group. What do you think about the Uber Driver Union?

"Hello, rideshare drivers! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am from VA Beach born and raised and started my rideshare career driving for Uber in VA. Since then I have moved to Phoenix where we are currently using the new surge Uber has implemented across the states and it is an absolute nightmare.

Uber is overcharging pax and underpaying drivers sometimes taking up to 80% of the fares. We are partners with Uber and Lyft, and most drivers are fed up with how things are being run. We should have a say in what we are paid.

For those of you who are not particularly concerned about rideshare issues, please disregard this post.

For those that are tired of the way drivers and passengers are being treated whether it be pay, safety and/or full disclosure to both pax and drivers on what Uber/Lyft’s actual cut of the fare is, etc…

The day has finally come for you to be heard. On Saturday, July 21st, there WILL be a protest held nationwide. While things have been increasingly difficult for drivers and changes have been made that affect our income, there is an organization that branches out to several cities throughout the United States that has been carefully planning and organizing.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 21st from 2:00-5:00 pm and join the nationwide protest. We will all be wearing white shirts so check your closets. Media will be alerted, and we will be joining as a collective voice for drivers everywhere. East coast to west coast we will be heard!"

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Just curious, what are you willing to give up for higher pay? Perhaps our freedom to turn on the app whenever we want and not be locked into a schedule? Have you thought about the ramifications of having drivers be able to cherry pick and decline all the short rides because they are able to see the destination before pickup? Every driver is equipped with a tool to alert authorities…….its called a cell phone.

I’m in support of the protest.
It used to be MUCH different for drivers & pax.
Drivers were paid more.
Pax were paying less than taxi service.
Now, drivers are entitled to less income while pax are paying closer to regular taxi fares.
It’s completely lopsided.

Some will point out we are independent contractors, and we signed up for Rideshare. I do not agree not including driver input on changes to prices, what percentage driver’s receive, etc. I do feel there will be some sort of government regulation on what rideshare companies can or cannot do. I agree the gigs up.

That is why it will not work because drivers like this person think short term, not long term. They are happy with their current rates; they think they’re gaining. Yet their big daddy Uber is the great puppet master whos pulling their strings.

Union Now! If we are Truly Independent Contractors as they state. Then we should have the last say on our pay rate. However, cut our pay without permission thru the pool ride system. We no say how much they cut our pay. We are reduced in pay for the same work. Unfair labor and work practices. If I Am truly independent. Then I should determine if I am willing to work for less pay for in most cases More work n stops for far less than the National pay rate! And the customers know it and Brag about even to me as a driver! If I complain I am penalized and my star rating suffers. Slavery. True Slavery in 2018

I have been a Uber Driver for two weeks and am already tired of being paid nothing for my time. They must only want idiots to become drivers because anybody who can add higher then just using their fingers and toes will figure out they are working for free. I don’t understand why they aren’t passing the charges on to the customers instead of having the driver such it all up. When you arrive at the stop you getmpaid like 30 cents a minute to wait for them to come out. But if the passengers schedule a stop into there ride you get closer to 5 cents a minute. I stop at a CVS for the customer where I waited 20 minutes for her to shop and got a whole dollar extra thats 3 dollars an hour. Over half of the minimum wage. You’ll drive 12 miles to a pick up and go 3 miles to the stop and get paid $3.50 for the whole ride and then if there nothing else you drive home for free. I won’t even get out of bed for that little of an amount. Then they won’t show you the entire call when they dispatch it knowing you’ll turn it down if they did. Good honest company where driving for. Not…