Uber driver life

It’s a choice between making 400-500 bucks for the night or spending it all on a date!!..I would rather make the money and then pick out a weekday like Monday to go on vacation or to the beach!!..And about getting laid, it is not allowed to have sex before marriage in our culture. I personally don’t like these pax who get in my car and discuss how many different girls they slept with!..Highly inappropriate conduct!!..

I have more of a life now than I ever did with a normal 9-5. I am free for any and every event that comes my way if I choose. I am not required to be on Saturday night, I can take off any day I please. This the the most free job I have ever had.

Any weekend I’m not Ubering or working at my day job, I’m having a good time with friends and family. Can’t have a good time without some spending money in most cases.

So you only spend time with your loved ones two days a week? I am about all of this 7 days a week. Adults do things when they want, weekends are for grade school kids and drunk college punks.

I don’t want to sound like a dick because OP did a good enough job of it. But, imagine this people are at different phases of their lives where maybe to day time is the only they can spend with their family. Or, maybe they are sacrificing their present social life to better their families future.

I have a full time job. I have a wife who is getting her masters online and after 7:30 she’s kind of zoned in. I also have a 1 year old who goes to bed at 7. So, the time between me getting off work, and my daughter being asleep and my wife finishing her education is a when I spend my time with them, also all day Saturday and Sunday.

It does mean what he said. If you have family, you have people to grow old with. A spouse, kids, grandkids, great grandkids. If you do not, then it explains itself.

I think it’s more to the fact of if you spend too much time partying and chasing the party you will loose out on more important aspects in life. And when you are old and have time to think you’ll finally realize that the party was no where near the fun of family.

I personally never had the opportunity to party. Married my high school sweetheart and started pushing a baby stroller around at the age of 19. But now in my mid 50’s I am a very proud grandpa and have three terrific kids all whom graduated college. I would not trade my life for anything. And by the way, I struggled almost every month to pay my bills.

I have part-time income, only a few hours a week but I make $200/hour doing that job. With Lyft income added I still make no more than about $2000/month total.

I assume you mean that you are satisfying them the night before I have sex with them, not satisfying the ones I had sex with the night before. Grammar is important! Unless you have a very strange fetish.

There is no big deal about partying…but those of us who do not have family or do not want a family are NOT losers. Partying has nothing to do with it. People party whole life.

I saw the movie, it was about patients in a mental institution. Apparently you have brought up this character TWICE to imply that anyone who did not follow your footsteps is insane. The one (obvious) guy who was not insane ended up getting electroshock therapy which destroyed his personality. Is that your prescription for single people?

I can assure you that having a family can be very hard (young children are very demanding of all your personal space, and time). Marriage is a hit or miss thing. People tend to divorce once the newness wears off, and by the time they realize it, they’re no longer the young whipper snappers they once were.

Well currently it’s tied… 50% realize they have no life driving those hours and 50% are trying to pretend they do. Exactly tied. Interesting!