Uber Driver heard "White Privilege" from passenger when getting in his car and called him "N" word when confronted

Just another day in the life of an Uber driver, dealing with drunk and privileged kids.

Watch the video below how the Uber customer gets in the front seat of the car while saying “White Privilege” randomly. The driver seems a bit confused as to what the customer was trying to insist. At first, the Uber driver seems a bit upset, but try to control his anger and get on with the ride, just like many of us do when dealt with some dumb customers. But after a couple of minutes, the driver gets agitated by constant nagging by the customer and his anger boils over. He demands the customer, “Get out my car now.” That’s when the “dude” sitting in the front seat yells “N” word at the driver. Rest, you can watch the video yourself and be the judge.

Uber drivers have to go through a lot BS, especially if you are an immigrant, brown or black. This video explains how some customers think they own the driver and spout whatever comes to their mind.