Uber Driver Best Weekly Earning And Rating Record

Uber earning = $1481.17
Lyft earning = $882.67
Total Earning = 2363.84

I have been an Uber and lyft driver for more than four years. On an average, my gross earning varies somewhere from $1800 to $2100. The last week was my best till now. I earned $2363. Last month I also crossed 10000 five stars. There must be other drivers who are better than me and must be earning more than me and have more 5 stars and compliments than me. Please do share your records and tips on how you approach this work.

I have seen on many groups that drivers care about their acceptance rate too much and pick up rides which are far away and mostly end up in wastage of time. Always choose rides which are less than five minutes away. If the day is not busy, then you can go for whatever you can get. When it is busy, and you get a far away request, don’t pick it just to maintain your acceptance rate. Wait and see if you are being pinged at a frequent rate. In that case, go offline and move towards the area from which you are getting most of the requests. There is a good chance that there will be surge pricing and get a better price. We are doing business and not charity. Driving more than five minutes and picking up a 3$ rider who wastes more than 5 minutes to get out is not a good business strategy. Acceptance rate won’t pay my bills. Neither will five stars or compliments. So do the best you can but don’t go overboard for ratings or acceptance rate.

I learned one very important lesson. Do install a :sunglasses:dash cam in your car for your safety. It will protect you in two ways. One is from insurance fraud. If you don’t have a dash cam, you will have to rely on witnesses ( if you have any) or wait for the cops to show up and make a report. If it is a hit and run, it is very hard to get the license plate and identify the vehicle. Dash cam will help you a great deal. if you have video proof, the claim is processed in a timely manner and you will be able to get a good amount as compensation.
Another way a dash cam will help you is if you have a dual dash cam which can record inside the car. Most of the riders are very good people but still a small percentage is out there just to create trouble. They can make false complaints, damage your vehicle or vomit in your car and lie about it. Video proof will save you time and money.

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:sunglasses:Please do share you records and tips with our community!:sunglasses:

These are my last week earnings from LYFT entirely. For everyone to get an idea why I driver Lyft.

I’m so proud of myself I broke my own earnings record. Thanks, Uber my rent is paid. I guess I’ll treat myself to a steak and a few drinks!

Good Job !!! It’s funny… I average about 20 hours a week overall and pull in about $500.00 This is fine for me and I’m happy. I have a friend who makes $12 per hour at his job and hates it. I’ve tried to get him into Uber but he doesn’t want to. “You can take a horse to the river, but you can’t make him drink”

This week earning with 600 bonus!

Made it to The $2K National Club in May, Happy Memorial Day!

Uber Weekly Pay