Uber doesnt allow two location in one ride

Uhmm, so was I wrong?
Pax says she had two stops (pick up from her place, liquor store and back to her place) but Uber doesn’t allow for her too add the second location or that she wants a turn around trip. So she was going to change the address once she finished at the liquor store.
I said that I had to end the trip after we reached her destination and she would have to order another ride. She got pissed cause she was going to be charged twice for a pool ride.
We reached the liquor store. I ended her trip. After trying to be nice and waiting for 10 minutes.

It was a pool? I wouldn’t have even waited for 10 minutes. Pax steps out i drive away. Pool doesn’t pay me enough to wait. Going to do some research and make sure you know what’s what.

You inform her to request stops she has to order UberX plain and simple if she really wanted to she would have offered a cash tip if not oh well keep moving. Yeah it’s simply not allowed on pool.

Sometimes I’ll hit stop future request and do what ever they want and end ride when they finish. Always get paid for the entire trip and uber has never said anything. I do it though because I hate having a second passenger riding free

Shhhhh don’t give away the secrets because Uber may break that trick (and call it “fixing”) if it catches on. Lyft already doesn’t let you do it Oh, see I’m about to get paid… When there is a will there is a way.

That’s what I’m saying. I don’t get why people are allowing multiple stops. They are only hurting themselves. They are also giving cheapskate pax no incentive to ever order Uber X and use it properly. hey may pay a flat rate but we don’t make a flat rate.

I’m not nice about it anymore. I’m not mean about it either. I politely inform them that if they want a round trip, that requires UberX. I already work 6 - 7 days a week for shitty money. I don’t need people tryin’ to take my time for less money. I fuckin’ hate pool.
The ones who allow this make it seem alright for the pax to try up and take advantage of the other riders.

Pool rides can’t change destinations, tell her to stop being cheap and order a REAL ride. Stops on pool rides unless it’s another pax pickup hun. Also, even on UberX allowing stops is not mandatory, it’s your personal discretion

Same thing happen to me with some young kid. He said it was multiple stops and I told him it’s not on here. He said I can. Hangs the location when I get to the stop. I told him if I change the location I wouldn’t be pay for two stop and told him I could cancel and he can get another ride. Plus the name wasn’t his on my phone! He got mad when I drop him off! Not getting over on me on a 40 minute ride

Pool doesn’t allow but one destination and so does lyft line. It was POOL. There aren’t any stops! Yeah you didn’t know this at first. But you know now. It won’t happen. But sometimes I don’t get it ,why people are allowing multiple stops.

You can’t change address on a pool ride…Yeah you know… Had another guy try that with me. And I told him he needed to order another Uber coz i need to end his first ride… Oh, see I’m about to get paid… When there is a will there is a way.

Sometimes you need to stop future request and do what they want. You must end the ride when they finish. Need to get paid for the entire ride but uber never said anything about the situation