Uber Customers Service Messed Up Registration?

Little help please, I drive for lyft, decided top also drive for uber, and uber eats. Somehow it got all screwed up, and I’m only registered to drive for uber eats. I’ve contacted uber support, that was a joke. I then got an email saying that my sign up was messed up, and I would have to be deactivated completely, re-register as a rideshare driver and THEN added as a delivery driver. It will take 3-5 days. If I’m ok with this, please respond to this email. I responded to the email, only to get another email saying I can’t respond to this email???,!!!

Seriously…wtf??? I attempted to go to a Greenlight location here in Orlando, but it’s closed down. I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do now. ANY ADVICE??

That’s basically my experiences. I started with uber eats on a bicycle, tried to add my car, as I wanted to be able to use a bicycle, and a car (depending on weather) and have the option to do X too. I added my vehicle on the site, couldn’t switch to it on the app. When I contacted uber, they also told me I’d have to make an entirely new account, as for some reason my other account was “bicycle and eats only” which I never wanted, I just wanted the option of using my bicycle for eats.

But yeah, your experience sounds like mine…they need to get their app and website together when their best fix is to make a whole new account and sign up again, there’s definitely an issue.

I don’t even know who to respond to at this point. I responded upp the email that THEY told me to respond to, and i got a reply saying I CAN’T RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL.

Critical support, not sure if this will help but it’s another number? Good luck.!

That kind of happened to me too and i had to not only start over but open a new email address just for Uber so i could start over with a new email address. it only took a few days once they finally decided to start over but it was a pain. basically I kept calling uber customer service until i got someone who knew what they were doing.

Looks like you will need to do as they say or wait for a Green Hub location to open then they will explain their app is crap and you will still be stuck doing as they said. I wish there were a way around the application being so clumsy Sorry this is happening to you. :frowning:

Every time you get the Uber survey, rank them low. They ask for comment. I always talk about their IQ-lower-than-a-box-of-rocks driver support team, or should I say, herd of imbeciles.