Uber customer service has been dreadful!

I’ve been driving for Uber for about a week now and all of a sudden I’m not able to go online. They said I had to contact customer support. When I called them they said that my account has been suspended because of some disqualification they received from New York State. When I pressed on and asked what disqualified me she wasn’t sure and said they’re going to have to look into it and get back to me. Anybody else have similar issues?

I should preface that by saying that before I was even able to drive I had to make four different phone calls to Uber because I kept getting put on hold forever. Initially they told me I wasn’t eligible to drive in Syracuse New York and had to change it to upstate, ny…

I’m compelled to add this.

idk im not from ny, but the one time i ended up there it wouldnt let me go online, when i checked ubers requirements for ny i believe it mentioned having to have a tlc license and registration. I could be wrong, its been about 2 years since i looked

your not understanding what im saying. Im originally from PA, i was over in NJ, recieved a request in NJ that brought me to NY (trip ended there) and after the trip i was signed out automatically

i posted a screenshot of uber NY requirements above, if thats not good enough for you, or if you dont want to look up the requirements yourself, then idk what to tell you. You aint gonna get anywhere talking to uber

Pretty sure i said in one of my earlier comments “i could be wrong” no need to catcha fucking attitude from someone tryina help you the fuck out

i get that, ive been frustrated with uber countless times before. I was just saying what i saw for new york requirements. I just looked and saw upstate has different requirements. My fault, im not from my and dont know the different areas.

this will be the first of many times uber will screw you. I worked nye 2017, made $400 that night, when i went to cash it out, uber had issues. Called support god knows how many times and nothing. I finally saw my pay after about a week and a half and alot of phone calls. Another thing they told me when i called and asked to speak to a supervisor: “we dont have supervisors”

lyft isnt much better. Their passengers seem to try and get free rides from scamming the system more often (in my experience anyway)

i mean thats just my experience. Ive been reported for more b.s. claims against me on lyft than uber, and i have less rides on lyft. From what i see and hear in here, they both equally suck.

Now a rep is saying I have to visit a green light hub. The closest one is in Buffalo. He still can’t tell me why my account was suspended…the last rep said it was escalated to a department that would supposedly look into it and get back to me.

Now the same rep is saying they received a notification from NYS LENS program and that caused them to suspend my account but he has no idea what the notification said and that i have to contact them
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I was approved to drive last July. In November they sent me a notice that there was something missing on my vehicle inspection form that had been filled out by a certified mechanic and APPROVED by Uber. After 6 one hour phone calls and every customer service person verifying they didn’t see anything missing and they would fix it, it never happened. I gave up.

I had the same. Runaround for 3 months. Finally went in to a Greenlight Hub where the customer service is much better. They told me I had an outstanding ticket. I was floored I had never been stopped. Went to DMV turns out it was a RedLight Camera ticket I never received. Had it not been for Uber I would never have known my license was suspended. The judge through everything out and lowered the fine to half. Go to the hub. You will get answers there.

Do you have any sort of record? Even minor? My husband was rejected because he had a bad check passed on an account he co-owned almost 20 years ago. He was charged and paid the costs, but it kept him from being able to drive until he called and explained what happened.

We’ve reviewed your account and can confirm that your account is now active. You can go online and begin taking trips. If you continue to experience an issue, please try quitting and re-opening your app to try again.

I’m all set to drive but they still won’t tell me what happened!?