Uber Customer Service Deactivated Me For Claiming Cleaning Fee

So Uber has deactivated me because they are saying I have wrongfully claimed the cleaning fee which is not true because I have proof for every time I have filed for a cleaning fee and I have called Uber support almost every other time I had to file for a cleaning fee. What should I do? I have already called Uber support, and they said that it’s their final decision and my account is going to stay deactivated permanently. Can I sue Uber for wrongfully deactivating me?
Uber Customer Service Deactivated Uber Customer Service Deactivated

How many cleaning fee claims have you made? The $150 cleaning fee is for VOMIT OR BLOOD. You must have LOST WAGES due to the fact that you had to actually miss work to clean the mess and it had to air out, or the seats had to dry. You don’t get to claim fees for mud, dirt, dog hair, sand from the beach, crumbles from food someone ate or things that are EASILY CLEANED up with a rag or a vacuum in 10 minutes. You idiots that think you deserve $150 for these things or ANY MONEY for these things are a bunch of entitled pussies who were never taught how to use a little elbow grease! I’ve given over 7000 rides in 2 1/2 years and have claimed ONE cleaning fee… ONE! For the kid who threw up all over my front console/stereo and seats/door/floorboard. Lots of nasty pics were CLEARLY showing I was done taking rides on a Saturday night when it was 10:15 pm and I had just started my night. I EASILY lost $150 in wages that night, and that’s why Uber paid me the $150. If you have made more than 1 vomit claim in 2 years… yea… you’re getting deactivated. Shouldn’t have tried to scam them and get money for shit that was easily cleaned up with a rag and vacuum in 10 mins. You didn’t lose a whole Saturday nights wages cause you had to let your car seats dry and vomit and alcohol smell to get out of your car. Guess its time to get a REAL JOB like the rest of us.

Fake cleaning fees have been a real issue for uber.

Think about it… they charge the pax $150 if that pax really puked in the car most likely they understand and won’t dispute it.

When a driver makes a false claim they have been charging the pax and siding with the driver, if it was you that was falsely charged wouldn’t you raise hell?

Where there is smoke there is fire; uber knows 15 ( probably more) cleaning fees are excessive.

The bottom line is that Uuber can break ties with you whenever they feel like it, they have plenty of ants to take your place.

You can’t sue Uber; there isn’t a lawyer anywhere that will take that case.

I’ve been driving for almost two years for a little over 2,000 rides (part-time). Almost 100% of my rides are on weekends at night during bar hours.

I’ve had two cleaning fees with Uber and 1 with Lyft all for vomiting in my car.

It would probably be at least 8 or 9 if not for the fact that I carry vomit bags for customers to use. The bags are so worth it, and I can get them for free in hospital emergency rooms.

I think people who are at risk for deactivation are those with the attitude that they’re happy to collect cleaning fees from customers. In my reports, I said the customer failed to use the bag I provided and INCLUDED the bag in the report pictures. I try hard to prevent cleaning fees, but there’s always that one who is too drunk to understand anything.

FYI to those drivers that are filing false cleaning fees. You can be charged under Federal Law for Wire Fraud. And there is nothing that will stop a rider from contacting the Federal Authorities.
I’m not saying your guilty or not guilty. But watch your back on these cases.
As for those that file fake cleaning fees. Here is the law under 18 U.S. Code § 1343

Man, I can attest. Drunk people throw up. I’ve had 5 in 5 months on Uber and 1 on lyft. But I also have 1600+ rides in 5 months+

Most recent being last night. I’ve seen people getting deactivated lately and was somewhat scared to even make a claim with so many in such a short amount of time. But I also live in a Party/College/Military/Tourist city with an open Container law where you can be outside with drinks. So people just love to get sloppy drunk here.

Have you gone to the hub? If so and that’s their final stand. Find a lawyer if you have proof for every file. Then maybe a wrongful termination? Not sure how that goes with being an independent contractor. Buy it can’t hurt to chase it down. Back up is Lyft and all the delivery ones grub hub postmates amazon flex etc. good luck. Sucks to know, I could be next. How many reports have you filed with uber? I also drive late at night. And I’ve filed 3 with uber and 2 with Lyft. Had a lot more pukers. But if they keep it in the bag or on the curb. Or I can wipe it with a Clorox wipe. I don’t file. If I have to run to a car wash or get a detail, they get reported. :nauseated_face:

It’s not pics… he told someone he had made 15 claims in 2 years. :joy::joy: THAT’S WHY! I’ve sent in ONE in 2 1/2 yrs and over 7000 rides, and I work Friday and Saturday nights picking up drunks as well. The problem is he sends in a claim for every single thing a little bit of food a little bit of spilled drink a little bit of mud a little dog hair whatever he can, and that’s why he got deactivated you can’t keep sending in claims for small things that are easily cleaned up with a little elbow grease and 10 minutes with a wet rag or a vacuum. They only want to pay out if you are actually missing work and losing wages due to the fact that the car has to dry out or you have to get the smell of vomit out of your car. I have been on these groups for a couple of years now and have seen probably ten people get deactivated for the same exact thing they make too many claims for small things that don’t need to be turned in as a claim. Therefore, they are being fraudulent. This guy has no leg to stand on suing them wont-work he will waste his money and will not be allowed back on the platform. They have proof of 15 claims it’s a done deal

Did they give you a warning that your account was under review? I had gotten a noticed a few weeks ago that my account has been flagged for review because of vomit claims but that all of my claims had been verified. I’m not driving nights and weekends anymore on my own choice because there are too many people that seem to think puking in an Uber is a rite of passage. It seems your clients were getting past the review.

Hello friend, did they send you a warning notice when you send the vomit claim? They send me one and block my instant pay, its says they are checking the issue in a few days they will reach out, im i in trouble??

Um I’m pretty sure dog poop is a sufficient reason to request a cleaning fee. And sure if you do it too often for every little thing. But more than once in two years? It’s outside the realm of possibility of having someone puke in your car twice in two years? I sure hope that doesn’t happen to you cus you already had it happen once who’s to say it won’t happen again?

I don’t think there are any cleaning fees over $150. And that’s not true there are lawyers that take wrongful deactivation cases

I’m sorry, this post is about being wrongfully terminated due to being false accused of falsifying cleaning fees. Is this really the place for your PSA?