Uber Customer Service Better For Riders Than Drivers

I had to use Uber last night. I live in a large retirement community neighborhood, and only one entrance is open late at night and you have to get through security so you have to put in a little effort to get to me and this place is known for lots of little old people that want to take a little short rides to the grocery store or doctor or whatever so it’s not the most desirable place to pick up passengers, but there are always drivers hanging out outside this community. So my phone battery is about to die and I order an Uber I had to order it over to get back to my friends house and back to my car because I realize I didn’t have my charger with me my phone was about to die and then I would have no way to order an uber later like in the morning. I ordered this Uber, and I observe him just sitting there and not moving forever and then he starts driving back and forth back and forth putting his car forward and then reversing it over and over again just staying right where he’s at I guess to make it look like he’s Cars Moving. I end up having to cancel the ride because obviously he’s not coming to get me and my battery is about to die! The dummy doesn’t realize I’m a driver myself and I can see his ass not moving so he can get his little cancellation fee because he figures the effort he’s going to put in to come and get me and take me on my little short ride that he thinks I’m taking isn’t going to be worth it. So the girl who did follow through and pick me up ended up making $12 on the ride and getting a $10 tip from me so up your buddy! I also called Uber support and got them to waive my cancellation fee I told them what happened and man Uber customer service, sure is nicer to customers then they are to drivers I will say that!

I swear I hate some people. They need to take that $5 from him, what a dick. Were you online this morning? East Mesa had no drivers, the nearest driver to me was someone in Leisure World, so I was thinking it was maybe you. I got a hella good ride to fountain hills because of how abandoned it was out here this morning.

Yeah I was having a terrible night too so I let my friend talked me into going out with him, and then that wasn’t going so well, so I wanted to get away from him I took an Uber home instead of having him take me home to get my car keys because he wouldn’t stop talking and trying to talk me into staying LOL it just turned out to be just a terrible night all the way around I’m not going out with guy friends anymore they never stop trying to be more than a friend I should have come home and got some house cleaning done! I should have called you girl I didn’t even think about it!

You are a driver yourself… I have a question for you… why don’t you keep a battery charging case on your phone? All of us rely 100% on our phones to keep us in business part or full time seven days a week. You should invest in purchasing a mophie charging case.

Damn. That’s ass. People in my area are switching to Lyft bc of reasons like this. Aside from other things. Uber really gets a bad rap, and drivers like this are a big reason why. Sorry, you went through this.

Just a question, if you saw him why didn’t you go to him or wave at him? Maybe he was looking for the address and couldn’t find it? It happens. Sometimes they are hard to find. What does moving do? Nothing really. The timer is already going. Was he new? Wish I could hear his side. But you got your revenge on a fellow driver who (might) be bad.

I have been driving for Uber for six years and lyft 4 I have never done that. Yes, you as a driver know ( when you are using uber as a passenger) what the driver is doing. There are quite a few elderly folks in my town I pick up regularly. I know the trip Is going to be a wash but, as a business owner, you want a good report with the area. They do tell each other. 2. It is not right anytime to do that.