Uber constantly disrespected and treated worse and worse their drivers

So we all post on here the stuff that we are unhappy with Uber about that they will never fix. Everyone knows about the sexual harassment issues but the fact that the drivers, the reason the company makes any money, are constantly disrespected and treated worse and worse. If we actually worked for this company we would have a real grievance process and HR that we can go to.

With that being said what actually gets the attention of Uber? I’m not saying anything illegal or immoral but what makes this company take notice? We don’t even know who our fellow employees are. They count on this. We can’t band together and walk out or do anything like that. If we were really private contractors we could go to another competing company but they essentially have a monopoly.

We are the reason that the treatment of drivers is completely unnoticed.

They don’t care about the human driver. They’ve already stated that their plan is to replace humans with driverless cars. They will be rid of us soon enough.

This is exactly why you need a unified voice and advocate. Someone to bring the drivers together in unity.

This is currently happening. A national organization is about to launch.

Susan you are absolutely right we are not employees. They make this very clear when they say we can “be our own boss” because they do not have to offer what employers are required. Whether or not it was Uber’s intention for this to become people’s main source of income is irrelevant. Uber created a situation where people could support themselves and then slowly started to take it away and from what I see in many of the complaints is that this is just not being addressed. When you create something this big you are responsible for whatever direction it goes. And before the whole “look at the millennial complaining” thing starts this isn’t the case. I’m in my 30’s and have worked all of my adult life both in the military and as a civilian. I’m just one of the many people who are doing this to make ends meet while interviewing. I’m not saying they need to start doling out unreasonable amounts of money to drivers I’m just saying that the reason Uber had success in the first place, us drivers, is being completely ignored. I mean they have dropped the rates we make/mile across the US while still taking the same amount they always have. Some times people are getting 50% of the fare when the other side isn’t letting strangers in their car or doing the work. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a fair compensation for the work we do and the toll it takes on our vehicles. I don’t work for Uber so I don’t care who the CEO is or what is going on at the corporate office. I want the fact that it’s approaching the point where the cost of driving for Uber is starting to outweigh the compensation and what they are doing about that in the news more than who no longer works at the company who created an app I use.

The better treatment of drivers is a lost cause. Only use this as a temporary means to save, pay bills or a stepping stone for something greater in your life.

Everyday they get closer and closer to a driverless service. There’s no reason to invest in the driver’s wants or needs in their minds… The only thing you can do is flock to competition. It is basically a monopoly right now, but it won’t be for long. Also, many people prefer actual human drivers as opposed to self-driven vehicles.

This is exactly why people go on strike but I have no idea how that would work.

It won’t work with Uber… If they had done it years ago when it was smaller then yeah, things would have possibly been different. But at this point, it’s pointless, especially if you consider the direction they want to go.

Eventually a company like Lyft would be a strong competitor. I think there will always be a great portion of people who prefer human intelligence over computer programming. Something like Lyft with competing prices would be a good thing for drivers.

I completely understand your concerns and agree. Unfortunately with a 96% turn over in drivers, organizing such as unionization is not feasible. We are expendable in the process. Maybe with some of the current class action suits we will see a change.

Oh it’s feezable. 45k drivers belong to nyc, independent drivers guild.

First of all, It’s been nice chatting with you guys, these can get a little heated. if I’m not mistaken self driving cars cost as much as a house so I don’t see the “poor Uber” people purchasing a fleet so they are stuck with us for a while. And again Susan you are totally correct. I’m just saying that while we do have valid concerns I would just like to see our treatment being covered more. I have no idea how to be heard more though, I’m not the best millennial. Until recently Facebook was just where I checked out pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews in addition to the adorable cat/puppy video.

Uber could never afford 5 million self driving cars or the huge lawsuits associated with their crashes.

Seattle drivers are not unionized. If they were I would be. Most in Seattle rejected the teamsters attempts to get our information.

We can organize. There is a national rideshare association launching soon. You are correct, nothing else will change their attitude.

Another way to creat change is to demand news coverage. Thanks to social media we are connected to news outlets in ways that we haven’t ever been before. When they run and rerun stories about things that happen at the company Uber we should be demanding they look into what is happening to the people making the money for Uber.

It’s not going to take long before some noob comes up with an idea of a boycott like they’re the first with the idea

All I can say is if you want to be employed go for it the flexibility in schedule is great. If you have real grievances that affect people across the board gather them up and get an attorney to get a class action going. Otherwise you already know what you’re getting into when you sign up

Not true. Uber keeps changing the deal. They keep cutting rates, just for starters.

Rates dropped a few times since signing up. I’ve also had issues that were supposed to be resolved but were. When uber doesn’t fulfill its end of the bargain they whole “you know what you’re getting into” argument goes out the window…(and now let’s start getting angry

I’m willing to be this is where the “you’re just a millennial” comments start

Newbie! I tell you was was doing this since you were…I’m just kidding I’m pretty new. And your really don’t think this is going to work? My mom said it was a great idea.