Uber Conforms to Transport for London (TfL)

As part of the continued battle for rights to drive in London, Uber will meet the Transport for London (TfL) requirement that makes the rideshare companies app more transparent. The main change that the TfL demanded was a filter that enabled riders the ability to see which driver was accepting the request and what licensing they have.

Since Uber is facing a total ban in London from June, when the TfL hearing will take place, they are doing everything in their power to please everyone. It is possible that the rest of the world (Uber's world) will also enjoy these changes to the app.

The changes include the following:

  1. 'Accepted' booking
    Once a passenger has placed a request, the app will send the rider a message stating that the app has accepted their request and is finding them an appropriate driver.

  2. Licensed Driver
    Once a driver has accepted the booking, the app will give the rider all the relevant driver details including the driver's name, photo, the driver's private hire license number and car registration number. It will also let the driver know that the driver is TfL licensed.

These changes were developed specifically for the TfL demands and will only operate in area's that the TfL covers. The new app might also be used where other regulatory bodies demand such information, so the outcome of the TfL situation, whether Uber operate in London or not, is a solution for Uber's other regulated cities.

Other issues that Uber had to respond to include:

  1. Reporting crimes
    Uber will have to pledge to report any crimes involving their services to the police.

  2. Driving Hour Limitations
    Uber will have to restrict the number of hours a driver can drive a shift. This is actually in place, and there is a 12-hour limit with a six-hour rest period placed between accumulated working hours.

One good note for Uber in the UK is the ban in Sheffield that was lifted, and Uber now has five-year license to operate in the city of Sheffield.

Its amazing what a little bit of pressure will do. If Uber would add these additional functions to all their apps it would make them a stronger contender for market domination in every city they enter. It also goes to show that the great and might Uber is not invincible and there are ways where the regulators prove their worth. Its a shame that the US regulator are so easily bought.

Data is King, and knowledge is power. Uber has a lot of power, but what it doesn’t have is income and cash from Londoners. Money is the ultimate power, so in a trade off, where money buys knowledge, money will always win. Sort of like what came first, the chicken or the egg. Guess what, biologically (evolutionary science), the Egg came first.