Uber Commission ranges from 50-54% instead of 25% from drivers

So last night I was driving my minivan I just got now I can do uber xl again. I check my history uber was taking 50-54% Commissions, so I checked again the where about 25-27% taken. What are they doing feels like I am being ripped off? Has anyone else noticed this at all?

Your commission is based on base fare, time and mileage…that’s it. What the pax pay is irrelevant.

In Vegas Uber charges (uberX) .96 c per mile and .15 per min. According to the TOS, you get 75% if that amount plus base fare. 75% of .96 and .15 are: .72 and .1125 as seen on my screen shot. Plus the base fare of 1.12. What the rider pays at the bottom of the screen (your screen shot) is completely irrelevant to what you will be paid.

Oh and minus the optional insurance if you have it (I do have it).

Let’s explain this, one more time. Uber buys the miles from you at wholesale and then sells them at retail. One has nothing to do with the other.

Think about it like this. If you were at the NFL draft and bought a beer for $10, the beer wholesaler does not get a certain percentage of that. They just get paid for the beer they sold to AT&T Stadium. You are working on a Model that is no different

You do know that Uber and Lyft only take 20-25% of your miles and minutes as you signed up for even a long time ago. They have included safety fees, booking fees and regulatory taxes and fees required to be collected by them for the cities, counties, state, ports, etc.

So yes you are still getting paid 75% of your miles and minutes.

Yea but they’ve changed to upfront pricing. So based on their geographical algorithm it computes what it should cost if the driver drives the speed limit, amount of estimated traffic and stoppage, plus if they go the longest route possible. Then the sheep (us) drive 5-10 over and go a better route, makes them more and pays us less.

We have a set price these company’s pay us (unless it’s primetime)so it’s none of our business what the rider pays the company…uber or lyft doesn’t care if we drive for them because it’s always a million other drivers willing to drive… every day it’s the same stuff about the pay!!!if it’s that bad don’t log on the app go flip burgers @ Mickey Ds

They made more than me, but I’m not crying it is what it is…

They’re ripping off the pax n the drivers since the practices of Uber makes riders believe that there is no need to tip. I don’t support Ubernanigans, so I don’t drive for them anymore… Also get used to it n worse. I’ve seen 80% of the fare n hiding surge.

You are getting 100% of the rate you agreed to when you signed up to drive. All else is not revelant. How stupid are you?