Uber charged him for the tow truck


(Lance Rodriguez) #1

I am so pissed right now! This drunk dude insisted I drive him down his long ass driveway. I wasn’t comfortable with it but he ensured me that there was a turn around at the bottom. Sure, but the thing is covered in I’ve and now I can’t get back out. I have a tow truck on the way. Will Uber charge him this fucking tow fee?!

Edit: Uber charged him $90 for the tow truck. I will be subscribing to AAA in the morning!

(Melinda Foster) #2

Nope. That one is on you. They won’t touch it. As far as they’re concerned, you’re the driver and made the conscious decision to pull in.

(Bector Ernest) #3

I didn’t know it was down a long icy hill! I’m on the phone with Uber. man that just sucks…and i bet he didnt even hang with ya or apologize or offer ANY assistance in the least…Man…people…

(Kelly Hector) #4

Good question. I would call them and explain the whole thing to them. Make sure you add in that it was unsafe for the passenger to be dropped off at the end of the driveway and that you had to drive him to the door to insure his safety. May or may not give you a damage fee.

(Jack Dolen) #5

But they might deactivate you they might say you was in an accident!! Right exactly but if you take pics like i suggested and then i thought it might be a bad idea cause ubers automated system might deactivate you.

(Lisa Markee) #6

You can’t put it in reverse and back out? I am stuck on the bottom of his driveway

(Christian Odom) #7

Did you end the ride? I don’t have snow or ice where I live; but loooong driveways. If I’m still on the paxs property; trip doesn’t end until I’m safely out of there. Could get him on time pay until after your car gets towed off his property.

(Brahim Decker) #8

They should charge him the fee to get out of his drive way. Your an independent contractor…all on you, if it’s not safe…don’t do it

(Cody Parker) #9

its not too late unless your tow truck is already there. They said they were going to credit me $90 for the tow truck fee.

(Marsha_Smith) #10

Did you end the trip? Keep the trip running until you are out of there… I’m sorry this happened to you, stay positive, at least you are safe, although not an ideal situation but you weren’t hurt in the process of trying to get out

(Chris Stipe) #11

AAA for the year is less than the price of 1 tow, & covers you for many, plus lots of other benefits. I will be getting it now!

(Rakesh Sharma) #12

I’m 40…my annual gift from my mother is she renews my aaa every December…been 14 years & she hasn’t had to rescue me since!!! It’s around 130 for me & the best present I get every year! So worth it, even just for peace of mind!

(Abdul Karim) #13

I don’t if will help but if u having on ur personal insurance they will pay to get it out.
Uber has done good by me with charging people for their stupidity.

(Snyder Reed) #14

Check out the Allstate Motor Club too. I prefer that to AAA. Make them walk down the driveway next time. I’m happy you got out and Uber did the right thing. I learned something. Thanks for sharing.

(Hassan) #15

I didn’t know that they’d pay for towing in certain situations. I usually try to avoid sketchy looking driveways especially in snow and icy conditions. I think they did it in this case, because the passenger insisted that I drive down his driveway.

(Laura Lee) #16

I’m just wondering what type of car you drive? Is it FWD or AWD? That’s a FWD vehicle. Living in Wisconsin is why my last few vehicles have been 4WD and now an AWD vehicle. Haven’t gotten stuck in a long time. Also compare the Allstate Motor Club towing to AAA. See which one might be the better of the two

(Abel) #17

And now I have been deactivated until I send in information about “the accident” WTF? WHAT ACCIDENT?! I sent pictures in and explained that there was no accident! Hopefully they’ll get back to me quickly otherwise there’s still Lyft

(Jeremy Mwan) #18

ust take pics of all 4 sides of your car and send a detailed account of what happened. You should call or email every few days. It took 2 weeks for me after a pax said I was in an accident and I wasnt.