Uber CEO Supports The Lesbian Couple And Fires Uber Driver Who Kicked Them Out

This lesbian couple was kicked out by an Uber driver for kissing in his car.


Source: https://www.advocate.com/business/2018/6/12/uber-ceo-stands-lesbian-couple-kicked-out-car-kissing

According to our Terms of Service: “you do not have to touch or flirt with other people in the car.”

Meaning that statement does not prohibit two passengers from kissing or touching in a consensual, non-sexual manner". Meaning “not having to touch or flirt” with other people in the car – does not rule out doing so with another passenger (not the driver), if that is the riders choice. More simply put, no one can be forced into that sort of behavior - period - is what the TOS says.

This driver in the video is imposing his religious, cultural beliefs on others in this country. I doubt very many of us drivers in a Muslim, Hindi or Buddist country would impose our religious, cultural beliefs on citizens of those countries. He is entitled to his own beliefs - but he is not entitled to impose them on others.

If kissing were prohibited, then, for example, a married couple celebrating their anniversary wouldn’t be allowed to exchange a kiss? Nonsense.

When cultures clash… if I get sent to my company’s Dubai office, I expect to wear a hajib and maybe not walk outside unescorted by a man because it is the culture there. I may not agree that it’s right, but I will respect the culture of the place I go. This man needs to do the same or if he cannot, find a job that works within his boundaries.

Ok, everyone, I say this he has a right to his religious beliefs he has a right to his car and how he keeps it and he has a right to any belief he has. But here is where I draw the line you are working as a customer service person individual driver you’re racism feelings thoughts, and religion have to take a back seat to your job if you can’t do that for 15 min to 45 min however how long that ride is then don’t drive for Uber or Lyft period.

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I would totally let those hotties kiss. Although I don’t read that much into the T.O.S., He does have the right to boot them out. I BELIEVE IF IT’S A COUPLE. H/W, B/G, B/B, OR G/G they shouldn’t be expected to keep their lips off each other. “sexual contact” is the way I read it. And no contact between driver and passenger.

Kicked out for kissing, silliness… that’s no reason to kick nobody out your car, why you are not paying attention to the road

Waaayyy more shit to worry about in LIFE…but no lie both these Ladies are pretty!!! Carry on, mind your own business and get them where they need to go, period

Apparently, it was a short “peck” of a kiss. It was an affectionate exchange, perhaps even an expression of love, between two people. But people have a problem with that and then also support the drivers hate driven beliefs? Is this what this country has come to - down with love - up with the hate?

You have ZERO ideas whether this is homophobic or not. If this were a straight couple, we would not be talking about this, but God forbid if it is a “protected class” so all assumptions must be made. After watching this video and observing this man, I believe he would have acted exactly the same to a straight couple. Well, you can make an ass out of you but not me.

His car he can kick out whomever he wants, remember the recent ruling about the Baker and the cake, it was his decision who he wants to bake a cake for and who he does not want to, is this not a free country?

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I say bullshit, i personally dont care if someone kisses their partner as long as its just that a kiss, but most have their religious beliefs and thats their choice, the rule of thumb is simply this, my car my rules, follow them or the ride ends, that doesnt make someone a racist, its their right to believe or not to believe in what they accept or not, the c.e.o. in this case is flat out wrong, uber may have policies in place but in the end in my car its me who decides what is acceptable or not.

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@Greg_Poprik Well, if the driver can decide whether a kiss is so morally repugnant that he had to kick them out, then you should agree that Uber has every right to deactivate the driver based on how their customer was treated.

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Hilarious. Anyone that would whip out their phone and FILM a reaction is to my opinion, a PROVOCATURE.
The driver was agitated by the behavior and they simplified it to “just a kiss” and highlighted their protected class.
I think if you are asked to exit the vehicle, do it. Don’t cling to the situation. Get out and call another ride. You can report it later but get out!
I love how the “CEO” of Uber “fires” him… like drivers are employees.

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Again my car, my rules, i personally could give a rats ass about anyone kissing their partner in my car as long as it’s kept to a kiss, someone here mentioned a drivers religious beliefs and keeping their beliefs confined to home, that’s also bullshit, it’s like saying if you get a muslim driver and you get in his car he can’t have his beliefs, uber may have their t.o.s. and quite a few i disagree with but i also have my own set of rules when you get in my car, if their not followed you simply are asked to get out, intil uber buys my car, pays the gas and maintenance, the insurance, full reimbursement for my tolls, etc… then in the end its still my car, i also have cameras in my car it’s clearly visible and clearly marked if they have a problem with my cameras they can cancel, no, i could care less about your sexual preferences weather i agree with them or not, anything other than that kiss then you’ll be finding another ride, if uber has a problem with that they can terminate my account i have no problem with that at all i don’t need them, they take more than i make.

Not to mention uber will deactivate you if you sneeze wrong, but their right there sending you messages threatning to deactivate your account if a passenger makes a false claim against you, i have cameras in my car for this and other reasons, you don’t really think the fine folks at uber give a rats ass about the drivers do you? They don’t, they don’t need you or us, we can be replaced.