Uber can't change phone number, keeps sending text to old phone number

(Jeremy Dull) #1

Uber can’t change phone number. I need help guys.
I need to change my phone number in my profile. I have to change it and hit “update,” but it throws me into a screen that sends a text to my old number? Any ideas. I tried to contact them but that a joke?

(Harry) #2

I think I had to do it on the website.

(Christian Odom) #3

If it’s Uber it automatically sends a text to your old phone once you sign on to the new one. It’s like asking permission that it’s you and not someone else.

(Jeremy Dull) #4

That’s my point it is sending a text to the wrong phone?

(Hassan) #5

I had to contact support and send a photo of drivers license.

(Jeremy Dull) #6

How did you contact support phone number?


Cell phone ports are supposed to take 24 hours. Buying a new cell phone with the same carrier should have gotten you activated immediately with the same number. If you rate doing a port to a new carrier, you should be getting calls and text from your old number within an hour.

(Trina Warner) #8

I bought a new phone twice this week. The first phone a bought was a refurbished did. Lost out with that one. It didn’t solve the original issue. Ported number to that phone in 20 mins. However the second time around the first replacement phone is making me wait 5 days to port original number to 2nd phone. That’s the problem. Original issue was Lyft’s error report of our network is not responding try again later, FOR 3 WEEKS. Lyft said I needed to update to 7.0 or higher. Android. That’s what I did. First phone worked for a day then tapped out. Third phone works fine with uber. Worked last night. Yes uber couldn’t send messages to me but I could call the rider to find them. Can’t check lyft til I can log in with old number, in the phone, in the shop. :slight_smile: Good morning

(Lana Landberg) #9

Hello Jeremy, I’m having the same issue, tried to submit a request through the Uber website but haven’t heard back from them at all. Were you able to get your account back? If so, can you tell me how?