Uber Black better than UberX?

Is being Black Uber better than regular Uber? I have been told you make more money in Regular Uber! :wink:

I would imagine demand is less for black

Yeah a few weeks ago. We had Lexus pick us up. I though I selected black service. He told he had little to no ride request for some reason. So he told uber to change his classification. Crazy huh :persevere:

He’s full of s*** black cars run as every kind of car; it’s eligible to get black rides also. A black car can drive as an X, Select, and black.

Depends on your Market plus when you were activated. The ONLY successful uber strike was Dallas market black cars demanding NOT to take x rides. I repeat it’s the only successfully strike i know of.

This depends on where you work and also how you work.

Uber Black and Uber SUV are legally licensed for-hire vehicles in most if not all markets.
Black car drivers can get work from other streams and not just through the app.
Black car drivers are already commercially insured, so they don’t need Uber and Lyft insurance to cover their ass.
If you’re going to make money as an independent black car driver, then you have to learn to Hustle.
There are plenty of limousine companies out there that will subcontract work out to you.

But if you’re thinking you are going to do it Like You do uberX then think again.

From everything I’ve heard, in the end, after all our car payments and expenses, the dude in the Prius nets the same as the dude in the S550.

Yes, but my Lexus ES 300h is much more comfortable than the Prius, without the repair headaches of the S550 wholes having almost the mileage as the Prius