Uber Background Check - How does the background check process works and the requirements to pass it

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A review of the Uber Background Check

One of the issues that have always troubled Uber drivers was the background check that Uber performed on them during application. With all the weird goings-on in Uber, even this basic screening was viewed with a skewed vision. So, we decided to look into what the screening process includes and to present our findings in this article.

If you want to know if you can pass the background check, you will have to apply in person and go through the process; this article will not discuss this issue or even attempt to offer a particular outcome.

Uber requirements

Before applying for a UberX or other category driver, applicants will have to meet certain requirements.

Basic Information

  1. Uber application takes between 5 to 10 days, this is all reliant on the applicant's preparation and providing Uber with all the necessary information, proof, and documentation. Also a completed vehicle inspection and a personal background screening clearance.
  2. Applicants are not required to provide their car, but they have to bring a vehicle that will conform to all Uber requirements and vehicle standards.
  3. All applicants are required to provide proof of seven years clean history. If an applicant has a past issue then Uber will not process your application, and you cannot be an Uber driver, so wait until seven years have passed before applying
  4. If you want to drive in more than one State, you will need to register a car in each State separately.
  5. Applicants are not limited to any driving restrictions within the State they are registered.
  6. If an applicant wants to drive with companions, then don't apply, Uber forbids any nonpaying passenger accompanying the driver.

Here is the list of Uber driver requirements:


  • Applicants must be over 21 years old.

Driving experience:

  • All 21-year-old applicants will have three years US driving experience
  • Applicants over 23 years old will have at least one year's US driving experience


  • Uber applicants must provide an in-state driving license.
  • Uber applicants will have in-state ride-share friendly auto insurance, and the driver's name will be on the registered card.
  • Uber applicants will provide an in-state registered car, even though it doesn't have to be the applicant drivers property.

Applicants Car Requirements

Uber applicants will provide a car that meets Uber requirements and standards.

UberX standards are:

  • Ten years old or newer (no older than 2007)

  • 2002 or 15 years old is OK for LA, OC, and SF, for other cities check Uber | Sign Up to Drive or Tap and Ride

  • In state license plates

  • No taxis, marked or salvaged cars

  • The car must pass the Uber inspection

  • The car registration is up to date, although the applicant's name does not need to be on the car registration.

Now let's look at the Uber background Check in depth:

All Uber drivers go through a pre-screening for the last seven years providing the following information:

  • A clean driving record
  • A social security number
  • No DUI or drug-related offenses
  • No fatal accidents
  • No criminal records
  • No history of reckless driving

Uber accesses this information through:

  • Courthouse records for each county of residence for the last seven years
  • Federal courthouse records going back seven years
  • The multi-state criminal database going back seven years
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Social Security Trace
  • National Sex Offender Registry

Uber background screening is done by Checker, so if applicants have issues, they must contact Checker via the Checker site contact-us page. The actual background check should not take longer than seven working days. Uber sometimes performs yearly background checks on drivers as well as statewide re-checking of all drivers when the state changes rules and regulations that demand a background check be performed.

Following up the Application process

Once an application has been filed, all applicants can check online at partners.uber.com and choose the "my profile" option which will provide the applicant with their status.

Here is a list of status definitions:

Onboarding : this means that your application is under review and if your status doesn't change after seven working days, contact Uber to find out why.

Waitlisted : this means that Uber is checking the documentation or re-running the background check.

Consider : this means that the background check is still underway if this status goes on longer than seven working days it could and most probably mean you will be rejected. Contact Uber during this status to see what can be done if an issue in your past is questionable.

Active : this means you are accepted and active, and you can log into your driver mode app and accept rides.


If your application was rejected there are still some issues that can be considered.

The background check only takes seven working days at most, so if you do not receive a reply after that, it means either you were rejected, or Uber is re-running the background check. Only you know if there is a reason, but sometimes, when identity theft is an issue, you don't know the reason and can find out the hard way.

The "consider" status is a strong indicator that your application is being rejected.

Applicants that were rejected due to a background check issue can reapply after 3-6 months. Also, remember, the check goes back seven years, if you have an issue that is close to the end of a 7-year run, wait till it goes past it and then applies, it will save you that 3-6 months wait.

If you are in the middle of a court case and not yet charged it will appear in the background check, you might be told to wait until the court decides, which means you will be rejected. You can re-apply safely after 3-6 months.

If you feel your background check is incorrect, you can dispute the findings at disputes@checkr.com. Go to Checkr first, because Uber will not discuss this issue before you have solved it with Checkr.

Drivers have been deactivated due to rerunning a background check, either randomly or intentionally. If you are deactivated for this reason and don't know why maybe you are suffering from an identity theft issue.

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