Uber app consume a lot of data?


(Paul Garcia) #1

We’ve had Uber in my town only a couple months, and I started driving right away. Those two months I’ve flown through my data allowance on AT&T. Have you found that the Uber app has quite an appetite for data?

(David Smith) #2

No, it’s something else on your phone. Uber and GPS both use minimal data.

(Audrina Jameson) #3

That depends on your definition of “quite an appetite” really. We were on a 12 GB plan when I first started Uber and ended up bumping up to a 24GB plan. We usually have at least 6 GB of rollover data though, but I’m only driving part time now. It has a lot to do with how much you’re driving.

(Peter Dave) #4

By far, Facebook is the biggest consumer of data on my phone.

(Mitchel) #5

I suggest checking your data usage for individual apps. You probably have another rogue app that is hogging data. It’s not Uber.

(Haris_McMan) #6

I use about 2gb of data on uber a month. But my usage increase as I drive due to Facebook, selfies, pornhub, and tinder.

(Amanda Halen) #7

I have the same issue, when driving rideshare full time I use my 3gb limit in less than a month, had to bump up to 6 gb plan. I don’t use other apps on cellular service (or at least try to minimize the usage) and still to seem lose a lot of data

(Maurice Nixon) #8

That’s why you get an unlimited plan

(Andrew Martin) #9

I’ve got an unlimited plan through t mobile

(Kimberly Nelson) #10

I switched to Walmart Family Mobile.

(Sharon Green) #11

I’m At&t too. Mine goes out the roof when I use pandora! They say I use the equivalent of a family of 8.

(Sue Cooper) #12

Straight talk at Walmart, $55 gives you unlimited 4g

(Donna Harris) #13

I have a Verizon 4GB per month plan and I have left over data each month, I run Uber & Lyft with Waze, messenger and a few phone calls and have never used all my data. Gotten close a couple times, but never over…

(Michaela Biksacky) #14

If you use Google maps with satellite imagery, you’ll suck down the data pretty fast.

(Sheena Washington) #15

Something else to watch for is in a year there will be so many drivers that you will find it difficult to make squat. Depends on how large your city is though

(Brendan Halai) #16

I do metro pcs unlimited data workd better than my att phone did

(William Murphy) #17

You need to have unlimited data, when driving for Uber or Lyft.

(Graham Sandy) #18

Unlimited plan is the only way to go when doing this type of job

(Mathew Boolean) #19

One chicken ship poster, calls people names because he is too stupid or lazy to read before posting incorrect info in response to a question, them blocks me so I can not respond to his name calling. Very adult…

(Trish Richardson) #20

Data allowance, what u got a Motorola flip phone. Lol