Uber And Lyft Insurance Coverage options?

Hey, I’m driving with my personal car. They say don’t tell your insurance that you’re driving for ridesharing services but what happens if an accident occurred while you have passengers? I’m not worried about the way I drive; I’m worried about OTHERS! I just need more info on car insurance while doing Lyft/Uber. I currently have state farm full coverage with GAP insurance on my car.

My day job I sell insurance, but not in your state, and there are many GAPS in coverage especially if your company doesn’t allow rideshare coverage. I know many states State Farm has ride share coverage, and you should ask them about it. If you do not inform them of the risk that you are taking they can deny any claim, even ones that aren’t related to rideshare because you never informed them of your new ventures and your risk has changed.

You need special insurance. My idea was if I ever got in an accident, I would tell the pax to leave or call them another one. You might even get dropped by your insurance if you even mention the thought of ride sharing. Insurances are bull shit companies that don’t care.

Here is basically what Uber/Lyft covers If the app is on and you have not accepted a ride - Liability ONLY. If you have accepted a ride until the ride is ended - Liability (higher amt) and Comprehensive (but only if you have comprehensive on your personal policy otherwise no) with a deductible of $1000.

Just read your TOS on both Sites, all Insurance is explained, also who is saying to not tell your Insurance company? I know it isn’t Rideshare so you must be referring to other drivers correct? Anyone telling you not to tell your insurance is definitely not someone you want to listen to. That can most definitely get you terminated from their policy; many do not want to insure anyone doing rideshare because of added liability, you just gotta call and ask around.

Guy ran a stop sign and totaled my pickup while I have a passenger. His insurance covered everything. No injuries thanks to the Lord. I notified Uber just in case the girl riding needed to file anything. She was cool about it. I never even let Geico know what happened. Just told them I no longer had the truck and to move my coverage to a different vehicle. All good.

Ok so if you don’t tell your insurance & are in an accident with passengers they will not cover any damage. You will only have Uber’s insurance which has a HUGE deduction. Your best bet is to find insurance that covers ride share then you can get help from that deductible. If you are in an accident Ubers insurance notified your insurance so they WILL find out & drop you. You can get rideshare Insurance from different carriers. But few have rideshare insurance. If your personal insurance finds out your driving for rideshare, you will get canceled.

“They” are idiots. Get a Rideshare Endorsement on your personal policy; it’s only $20-30 more per month; then you’re legal. BUT, not all carriers offer it, so you might have to switch insurance companies. Ask around; I believe he has a state by state list. Here in CA, it’s only from Farmers (expensive - I left them for Allstate), Allstate, State Farm, and Mercury. It varies by state.

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Keep in mind if you’re in a major accident and the passenger(s) is/are in critical condition or even die in your car or not, you are up shits crick without a paddle, and you are going to get sued for a minimum of medical!

Please, people, don’t be soo arrogant and prideful to feel that you are above the rest and pulling a fast one!

If you get into an accident, even if you are covered by uber/Lyft your insurance company will find out about it. Just like your credit report, there is a report with your insurance claims they will have access to. So when they find out, they are sure to drop you on the spot. I pay an extra $14 a month for rideshare gap with my insurance. That $14 is worth every penny of my peace of mind.

Always tell your insurance company what you are doing, not going to cost much to make sure you are covered. However, there is an umbrella auto insurance policy with James River and Assoc. that UBER uses (in CA anyway) if you have an accident with PAX that is your fault. It has a 1000 dollar deductible.

You are good State Farm has no issues with the rideshare. They have an endorsement you can add to your insurance for not very much. Other insurance companies are a pain in the rear about it.

So for everyone who called me a clown for not having rideshare insurance I just got off the phone with GEICO and they said $591 per month extra for rideshare insurance for 1 Car and me as a driver. Whoever pays that is a clown.

Rideshare insurance is pretty much common place now. Unless you live in NYC where you need commercial insurance, every other state has enough insurance agencies that will provide normal RS coverage. Check out this article https://test.ridesharingforum.com/t/rideshare-insurance-availiable-in-every-state-list/497