Uber and Lyft drivers deserve better

I will fully admit that I rub a lot of people the wrong way. On this group I have been called names, had my heritage questioned. I have had my mother insulted, and my mental state inspected. How dare I believe that as people, who are working and doing a job we all like, I believe we deserve better. How dare I question the status quo, and believe that we should be treated with respect by customers, Uber and Lyft, and more importantly, each other. Now I will admit that I am Canadian, and that most drivers here are American, but we all drive the same black top. What amazes me the most, is that both of our countries were created by people who believed they deserved better and wanted better for themselves and their families. The Puritans at Plymouth Rock, the founding fathers who singed your Declaration of Independence, and every immigrant who ever came to either country, all had the belief they deserved better than the status quo. So when I am hammered and insulted and beaten down, when I feel belittled and rejected, I have to remember, this is not for me. This is for you. This is for everyone. Even the ones who hate me, want me to die, want me to remove my app and go away. This is not my fight alone and we all deserve better.

we Americans are victims. we want tips because we are entitled and believe we deserve them because of some formula that pays us pennies…i think what I just sums up majority of the drivers on here. what I gather from many different posts and responses is that this Facebook group is mostly toxic negative people who think they are actually good human beings. all of these drivers gave preconceived notion about every single passenger before they even pick them up. I have picked up all sorts of human beings and never have I had a problem to cry about. no tip?no problem it’s not a law and I don’t ever come across with my hand out like a lot of drivers and their tip jars. I get tipped anywhere from 25 to 200 a week in tips…know why?cause I’m decent human being. no I don’t do pool or shared rides.i don’t go to NYC anymore.and I don’t drive more than 12 minutes to pick up. I’m not am idiot…of course I want more money but the more you worry about it the harder it will be for you to survive.

Your status quo is our economic freedom. Unionization is soft socialism. Eh mate.

everyone agrees to the terms when they sign up. If you don’t like the terms now, simply do something different

I was merely adding to you examples for Autumn McDaris. I am with you brother, but fuel is only 5-10% of your operating cost. You should be more concerned about your deferred maintenance, repairs, and depreciation cost.

And there are plenty of us who r on the same side as u to alot of people this is just a part to e gig so they don’t care but some us rely on this money to pay bills

A dollar more added to tips is nothing compared to what it takes to get to that 2% tbh. Godspeed to your battle but i feel its a lost cause

There is nothing wrong with wanted better and more. I think the complaining approach is probably the reason your getting negative feedback.

I do not reject you as a person, your heritage, or your state of mind. I don’t even deny you the right to your own opinion. But I simply do not understand the mindset of those that feel THIS is the only job out there and are staunchly adamant the job conditions must adapt to them when there are SO MANY employment opportunities out there for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what job you have… Either way you get screwed! Lol its just part of life, take it or leave it! :joy:

For me the issue is as follows: How do think posting a complaint on a Facebook forum is going to facilitate a corporate change? If you want to make a change, take it up with UBER.

This isn’t a career. This is a temporary gig at best. Use it as a stepping stone to something better. Rideshare is supplementing my new business. Keeping me afloat while sales build.
You’re never going to get anywhere near enough organization to coordinate a worthwhile strike.
You’re going to get a half a dozen idiots to turn off the app and the rest of us are going to pick up your slack.
So, by all means, strike your asses off. More rides for me

Rideshare drivers are the transportation job equivalent of a retail or fast food worker. Its a job that a warm body with a decent driving record can do. You are a dime a dozen and the pay reflects that just like any other minimum wage job.
I don’t support me or my family with rideshare. I use it for what it is, nothing more than a part time job for extra income.

You can absolutely make money with rideshare and that’s why it’s dangerous.
I was making 2k a week for a while. The problem is people think they can do it forever and don’t make any plans to do something else.

We don’t like you in Canada either!
Your mostly considered a Prick over here as well. :man_shrugging: