Uber Allows vehicles in any condition or age

(James Johnson) #1

What is happening with the quality standards to work as an Uber driver as you can now use a 15 year old car that you bought from rent a dent. By allowing almost any car now can also brings trouble by the class of drivers that now applies. I saw a Uber car in the gas station with its logo in the windshield thats was like a 2004 Honda that was slightly dented and was spray can painted purple. The driver got out and had a dirty car mechanic uniform shirt and pants and looked like he hadn’t showered in a month with his long hair in all different directions. I was shocked. But I guess thats all he could afford on the rates Uber pays us. If he pulled up to pick me up there is no way id get in that car. With the outside looking like that l can’t imagine what the inside looked like. Maybe he wasn’t driving at the time and was just coming home from work. But the car he was using wasn’t going to look any better when he was.

Lyft still requires newer cars.