Uber Airport Guide - Which type of Car Service to Request

Which Uber category is best for Airport rides?

When taking a ride to or from an airport, some passengers are uncertain which service they should take. This is based on their perception of luggage and baggage space as well as the number of passengers and comfort.

This article will cover some of these issues including large group excursions and pricing factors for airport runs. Another issue is that certain airports will not allow UberX cars to service in their domains, you must check first or when placing an order notify the UberX rider of your destination they will know and either cancel or transfer the ride to the correct service.


1 – 2 people with Luggage: UberX

2 – 3 People with excess Luggage: UberXL

4 – 6 People with Luggage: UberXL or 2 XL's


This is Ubers standard service and can usually manage up to 4 passengers with only hand luggage, the moment you have large amounts of luggage you should consider an UberXL. Remember that UberX cars are not large, they include models such as Mazda 3, Ford Focus, etc. If you manage to get a Toyota Camry, then you are in luck since these are larger cars with plenty of luggage space.

The average cost of an UberX ride is around $0.90 per mile and $0.20 per minute; the booking fee is around $1.65.


If you have 4 passengers with lots of luggage or are a group of up to six passengers than your only option is UberXL. This group includes large SUVs and minivans that offer a lot of comforts and plenty of space. If your group of six has a lot of luggage you might decide to get an UberXL and an UberX for backup, this will minimize your expense since an UberXL fee is closer to $2.00 per mile and $0.35 per minute. So unless you are 8 people, splitting the fare between an UberXL and UberX is the best option.

The more expensive ride options

Uber SUV

If you like to drive in style, then you will need to choose UberSUV or UberBlack.

UberSUV uses top of the range SUV's with leather upholstery and large engine capacities. They cost around $4.00 per mile, so you can see the difference with UberX.


This is the ultimate ride option; they are luxury sedans and top of the range vehicles. If you are an executive or just like looking good when you arrive or leave an airport, then pick this one and don't ask about the price.

Determining Luggage Issues

When you pack, consider all the baggage size options. Sometimes small groups of two and three can plan for a month's trip and take loads of luggage, and a large group of six passengers going for an overnight conference will only take hand held luggage. So, luggage issues are key, more than the number of passengers.

Choosing the Right Mix

If you are budget conscious and you should be, then you don't need to request two cars of the same rank, you can split between a large and small vehicle, such as UberXL and UberX or UberSUV and UberX.


Uber offers a scheduled service, but this doesn't work in a conventional manner you think it does. Uber drivers don't accept a ride ahead of time. Instead, the request goes into an automated system that will fire them out t the drivers a few minutes before the actual time of the ride and based on which drivers of the service are closed. Since airport runs are considered to be the best rides, hardly any Uber drivers filter out these rides.


Airport runs can be problematic during different times of the day, factor in the traffic issues, and always arrive early at the airport. It's better to wait an hour in the airport than to sit an hour nervously in the car and to hope to arrive on time.

Mistaken Category

If the car that arrives is not being enough, you can either request another to come and take the difference or cancel the ride and order a larger vehicle. Just make sure your timing is all right.

Uber Estimate of your Fare

Uber offers an in-app fare estimator as well as an upfront fee. You can enter the pickup location (if its different from where you are when making the request) and the destination. Ubers app will calculate the fare that is usually around the price, sometimes a bit more than usual.

The Uber Fare

Base Fare : this is the flat fee that Uber charges for each ride, it varies according to the car category UberX, Uber Black, SUV, etc.

Cost per Minute : This is what Uber charges for every minute from the moment the ride begins. It takes into account traffic and other circumstances that can cause a ride to take longer than expected.

Cost per Mile : This is what Uber charges for every mile drive. Drivers usually take the fastest route, but when traffic or other instructions are foreseen, they will choose a different route. Uber charges for the shortest distance in a pre-quote fare.

Booking Fee : This is an extra fee that Uber charges to cover its operational costs. It is not included in Uber Black and SUV fares.

Surge Price : This is an additional multiplier that is added when there is a lot of strain in the system, basically a supply and demand function. So if you are in a surge area, your overall fee can multiply by up to x3.

Tipping : This is purely optional, while there is an Uber tipping platform, the passenger can give the driver cash at their own discretion.

The Fare is calculated like this:

  • Base Fare + ((Cost per minute x time of the ride) + (cost per mile x ride distance) x surge boost multiplier) + booking fee = Passengers Ride Fare

Minimum Fare

There is a minimum fare rate that is set to assure a certain level of income for the Uber driver. This varies per city and is based on the above calculation being no lower than the minimum fee. If the total is lower, then you will be charged the minimum price.

Final Words

Take into account that certain hours will cost more since they are prime time hours.

If you are traveling as a group, but not as one payer, then you can split the fare between each person. The app enables this with its split fare feature, although the split will be in equal increments. Splitting fares add a $0.25 fee.