Uber adjusting fare

When I first started driving I noticed adjustments to my fares so I decided to snapshot each one. When I noticed my next one being adjusted I sent them an email stating that if anymore were adjusted without letting me know or give me a reason I was going to pursue legal action. It is just like adjusting someone’s time punch. If you do there better be a reason and the employee better know about it. I didn’t happen again. After my initial month they have been very good and I’ve had to make a few fare adjustments due to my mistake and they gladly did it.

After 3000+ rides on Uber and 1,400+ on Lyft, I’ve only ever spotted one zeroed out fare on Uber - the screenshot below explains what happened - and I track everything like a hawk on both platforms. I’ve actually found more errors on Lyft, and their customer service is even worse than Uber’s.

I’m serious about taking action on this matter. Travaas being a jerk to his drivers is one thing. It’s another thing if he is embezzling funds from them. That’s why i started this post. I’m interested in knowing who else had adjustments made without notice and/or were not paid for a fare. It’s not ok.

I agree, I meant finding individuals who can prove the same thing happened to them might be difficult. I think you might have a case, I don’t think you can say for certain a certain percentage of drivers is accurate or conservative though.

I did a significant amount of research about Uber in writing the post. What I learned is disturbing. I agree the price fixing suit will fail. Not sure either way on the employee suit.

I do believe I have a case. Doesn’t matter if your employee or contractor. If you don’t pay them what you agreed to paying them that’s unlawful. What needs to happen is increase awareness for the drivers to watch their pay statements vs fares and document it.

Actually most of the guys who work the customer service tables in the Denver office are subcontractors. Almost all of the actual Uber employees are “behind the curtain”.

So I know for a fact Washington is dual consent state. So I guess when I think about it that means Uber can’t record conversations when I call passenger. Good to know.

My Lyft pax canceled they canceled their Uber driver and ordered a new driver. Since I was right there I got the ping. Took them 28 miles across town with 1.5 surge. Took a screen shot when I dropped them off and the fare was $142 at 10:30 pm. When I logged in again at midnight the fare changed to $99. WTF? Good thing I took screen shots! The revised fare had a different pickup location.

I had a $27 fare adjusted to $11 for no apparent reason, I connected Uber support and with no explanation they apologized and said the adjustment was a mistake and I would be paid the missing $16 on my next pay out - and I was paid. But still, no explanation.

I thought maybe the pax complained and uber adjusted the fare but than when I complained they adjusted my payment but I have no idea what happened. It was a simple ride on a 2.8 surge.

But in less than 30 days of driving for uber I encountered a zero out fare then tonight I had my first huge surge fare only to be adjusted for no reason, then reading other people’s posts. Something isn’t right here.

But before any adjustments are made, drivers should be notified and told why there is an adjustment and given an opportunity to share our side of things. What’s frustrating is in their new web based help system we can’t even upload screenshots in support of our case.

yup, usually it’s the less than 5 dollar rides that when I click on them, the fare total I was paid is $0. No responses from Uber…at least not any with an actual explanation or my money. Just copy pasted responses that say they’ll look into it.

Come to think of it, I can think of at least two rides that disappeared COMPLETELY off my history. When I inquired, I was told “without the trip number we can’t find it.” Never got an answer to how I was supposed to find the trip number, after the trip was deleted off my history.

How much you want to bet they keep the difference as opposed to passing the savings to the customer? FAC, I wonder if you could ask to see what a few of the nicer customers are charged on their phone before you and them part ways?
You could compare the info to see if the customer is charged the adjusted fare or the full fare.

In my experience, Uber doesn’t randomly or arbitrarily adjust or zero out fares, so after reading your initial post, my assumption was that the fare adjustment was indeed the result of the rider e-mailing Uber customer support to complain.