Two reason why I share my experience

Hi good folks out there!

After driving Uber for more than three and half years, with more than 3,500 rides and over 2500 five stars, and 4.75 rating, Uber has kicked me to the curbs for some four traffic citations I received last year, which showed up after a background check that was run by a company they call Checkr.

Infact, last year was a very bad year for me. I received some four tickets back to back in the course of two months. It was a terrible period for me. I’ve driven for over 22 years during my life in the US, and never got more than one ticket. But Georgia on my mind y’all got me.

But why am I sharing this experience here? For two reasons only.

  1. I’m sharing my experience, so you guys, who solely depend on Uber for livelihood, should be careful with those small minor traffic tickets.

I’m a Financial Analyst, with an MBA from Georgia State University, but I decided I wouldn’t work in corporate anymore, due to the politics in the corporate world, especially in Atlanta.

So, in late 2015 I started driving for Uber full time. But I have a tax preparing business, which is seasonal, so I drive Uber as a place holder while I wait for the next season. I’ve just gotten married and was now going to hit the road and drive for Uber to make some money as I now have three mouths to feed, and as soon as my beautiful wife moved into my house, that same day my Uber app was deactivated. What a coincidence!!!

So now I’m left with no income coming. I now have to look for something to do, while I wait for the tax season to start early next year. Uber has done me in, after three and half year of faithfully driving for them.

  1. My second reason for sharing is, just in case any of you know how I can fix this, to please advice me. If you have had this experience with Uber before, please share with me on how you fixed it, because I’ve been to their Greenlight several times, and have sent them numerous emails, but no help.

As an existing driver partner, I would expect them to give me a second chance. If you’re already driving for them before you got those tickets, I thought it’ll just be right to give us a second chance to fix it. If I can take any class to reduce those points to get me back on track, I’m prepared to do all of that. But for them to just tell me that I cannot drive anymore, because of tickets I received while driving for them is not fair at all.

Also, I want to say that, if you ever got any ticket and you feel it was wrongly issued, please don’t go to court and pay, because you don’t have the time to back to court and fight it, please go and fight it with all you’ve got. I should’ve fought away two of those four tickets, which were wrongly issued, but I didn’t. I just went and paid, and now I’m hit with this situation.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this long post. I’m still open for your advice on how to resolve this issue. So please you can contact me privately, if you so wish. Thank you all once again.

Hope it works out for you brotha. I’ve been hearing about the 3 strikes your out approach with the DMV checks. I’ve been careful to avoid citations.

Wish you the best. The way you articulated your story tells you will be ok.

They did my friend like this to two weeks ago they told her they do yearly background checks and if anything on there that not supposed to be they take u off Uber driver she even applied it had her friend judge write letters and everything and still said no to her

If that’s the case you guys should be careful out there. I’ve always thought Uber was a placeholder for me, but I drove anyway, to make money. Now that’s cut off, at a time I need it most. Life! You never know when things hit you in your face unexpected. Good lesson for all. Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and concerns. I really appreciate the love.

I wish u the best. I would definitely try and find a way to get some of that off your record. I hear of all these events to help people get a misdemeanor off of their record, maybe it goes for points on your driving record to?? I don’t have the information but I’ll keep my ears open with you in mind. Again… All the best to you

I’m thinking of taking a defensive drivers class, not necessarily because of Uber, but it will be better to live my life peacefully without those things on my record. And that’s the problem. I should’ve fought some of them, especially the red light and the seat belt and one of the speeding ticket. I wasn’t driving as fast as they claimed. But I didn’t want to waste time going back and forth to court.

You should go to FedEx and interview for a seasonal job. (Or UPS; other logistics business) since they’re the ones hiring now for the holidays. Network from there.
And, I’m so sorry this has happened to you at such a bad time.
Try to hold on to the idea it’s for a reason not yet understood.
And thanks for the ticket info.
Good advice: fight the unfair ones.

So ppl need to watch what they doing once your year come up u will get another background check and they only doing in state checks. What were the four minor infractions?

2 speeding tickets, 1 over 15 and 1 over 20, one seatbelt violation, which I was clearly wearing, at the time they stopped me, at a barricade they’ve set up somewhere downtown Atlanta, Moreshouse College, I never move my car without my seatbelt, and one making a left turn at a traffic light in still downtown Atlanta. The light was red for almost four minutes, in a very dark and remote place, so I thought the light was not working and I made a left turn. Apparently, there were two cops behind me and I didn’t see them. I wouldn’t have made a turn on red with two cops behind me…

I am not sure if you need to take a defensive drivers class and get rid of the points that will help you to speak for yourself. Uber has not even given you any options at all. They just make their decision without giving you some chances or any other options.

I think…3 of those tickets are considered major in driving related jobs.
So, that means once you get those tickets you’re permanently disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle. But not permanently. Maybe at least three years

Three years in service with Uber. Good to know you doing good and maybe okay. So you’ll be back in 2019 and continue to try another jobs or with lyf again One and a quarter years to go. Lol. Good show and keep living…

Meanwhile, your Tax Business is up. All you good guys should come to me for some good refunds. I’m good at that one. For the meantime let me go and figure out what to do with the few months left until coming month. Lol. Thank you all.

And that’s the problem. You should’ve fought some of them, especially the red light and the seat belt and one of the speeding ticket. If you wasn’t driving as fast as they claimed. But you didn’t want to waste time going back and forth to court. But its okay you did the right move…

Ok it’s good to know. So I should be fine come January. But why did Uber say if you got three of those in the past three years you’re out. I didn’t see even that in their contract? But who reads all those long contract? I read sometimes, but not all. I may have missed that.