Two improvements I'd suggest requesting


(Melinda Foster) #1
  1. Driver-Selectable Pickup Radius Setting. This would allow drivers to set a radius that they are willing to pick-up passengers in. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some frustrating experiences in getting long-distance ride pickup requests only to find that it wasn’t worth it to go the distance. It would be nice to be able to set a 3-5 mile “free pickup radius”, and then have the option to go further for a user-defined surcharge. I think this feature would make many drivers happier!

  2. End-of-Shift function. This would allow drivers to define an end-time so they don’t get caught with a long ride request that would interfere with their personal schedule. Say you set your end-of-shift at 6:00pm, the app would know not to send you on any rides longer than 15 minutes at 5:30pm (15 minutes round-trip = 30 minutes, 5:30 + 0:30 = 6:00). I think this feature would make many drivers happier!

(Bector Ernest) #2

It would for sure make us very happy but like they said all theu care about is their cut

(Kelly Hector) #3

Lyft has a last ride feature so you can decide you’re not taking any more rides after your current one

(Jack Dolen) #4

When you’re in a ride, tap the purple “online” button up at the top.

It brings up a screen in the bottom that says something like “last ride”. Tap that, and then it knows to sign you off when the ride is done

(Lisa Markee) #5

Im always amazed that people assume the uber gives a crap about what drivers want.

(Christian Odom) #6

Pax app improvements ask them - Biz or Residential address- then confirm NAME of business or street address (Facebook seems to always know where I’m at… yet uber can’t figure it out?!?l

(Brahim Decker) #7

Fuckin a I was in a 400precent prime and ping 40 mins I said no then ping 32 mins no then ping 46 mins no then ping 37 mins I took it did the ride said screw it logged off went home I drive full time over night I am not driving at all again til Monday maybe just to frustrating

(Cody Parker) #8

,that hurt both my eyes and my brain at the same time. Can you please edit that with some periods and commas so we can understand what you’re trying to communicate. Thanks.

(Marsha_Smith) #9

I waited 45 minutes in the queue Tuesday and when I finally got a call they canceled by the time I arrived at the terminal…when I returned to the queue, I was put at the 50 minute mark in the queue…when I e-mailed the Uber help line I was given some bs about how the rules dictate how pick ups are made and everything seemed proper…how the hell is that fair…

(Chris Stipe) #10

I think it would be great if there was an option for a pax to “favorite” a driver and have a favorites list. When a pax orders a ride, the drivers online would have priority for that pax

(Rakesh Sharma) #11

The end of shift is in the app. You can tap the upper left and set not to accept another ride after the current one.