Two 1099s From Uber And Rasier llc

(Harold Young) #1

I emailed Uber and get a generic response so if someone can help I would appreciate it. So I received 2 1099’s. One for the amount of 711$ and one for the amount of $49. The one for the amount of $700 had the same filer identification # as it had last year but the one for $49 had a different filer identification #. Also, why would I receive two 1099’s? I asked Uber this, and they told me to consult my tax professional. I’m really confused.

(Peter Dave) #2

I agree – consult a tax professional - will probably be very clear to someone who understands tax filing issues.

(Donna Harris) #3

Since Uber provides the filer id, they should at least let me know why they are different on my forms and why I received 2 1099’s.

(Harold Young) #4

I was hoping someone here may know. I can not afford an expensive tax professional. I go to a free service and am not sure if they will have that information.

(David Smith) #5

it doesn’t matter what their reporting # is - what matters is that a return is filed under your # for all earnings and appropriate deductions.

(Harold Young) #6

Can you tell me what would be your guess they would not combine the amounts and I would receive 2 1099’s and one for such a small amount?

(David Smith) #7

I can’t unless I see them – one may be incentives - referrals - stuff like that

(Andrew Martin) #8

Some people like my son as an example received dozens of 1099s and dozens of W2s — it’s total combined earnings

(Jose Hernandez) #9

I got two as well. Both 1099-K, one for a few hundred in Jan, the other for Jan through the end of the year. The smaller one is from Uber Technologies; the larger is from Rasier, LLC.

I figure that sometime in Jan they began filing under Rasier and stopped filing under Uber Technologies.

(Kenneth Miller) #10

Each EIN represents Uber And Rasier as different corporation, even if they do business as the same one, just combine those amounts for your schedule c.