Tryp want drivers to pay $200 a month, but will keep all the fare

the new company is called “Tryp”

They haven’t made a single advertisement to riders yet, so as a start up, you will not get a single rides for WEEKS and you still have to pay $200 a month to them

They don’t necessary have to advertise to passengers, why bother? The only income they have is recruiting more drivers.

It’s pretty much a pyramid scheme scam.

Weeks? Try months! Maybe even a year. You won’t make back what you put in for a VERY long time!

Uber and lyft and making to much money. We should be able to set our own rates since we are contracted out

read the TOS again. Fares are advised rates and you are a contractor. You can negotiate and charge whatever you like all you like. Now, explain to and keep all the passengers happy…I don’t know about that. Bit read the TOS and it will say that the rates in the app are recommended rates, maybe not the same word.

this is how it’d go: “Hey, man. You should sign up to drive for this company so I don’t have to pay them money this month, and then you have to pay them 200 dollars, forever! Sound like a plan??”

TRYP is not only promising 100% of the fare, you can also use crypto currency, cash, credit cards etc on their so called unique processing system. Sounds very far fetch but there are so many drivers already desperate that are believing this and are heavy promoting it I see alot in other Uber FB groups.

Without an advertising campaign and launch to make it viable in this market, it’s only means of making money is recruiting more and more drivers.

If they recruit one New York state driver, they are toast. The attorney general will sue them. TNCs have to be approved by the the state. (Aka they have to agree to pay fees to the state)

I’m all for it. The weak drivers will switch over, get fucked. And lose all motivation to do rideshare completely. Leaving me less competition.

And this is why I haven’t promoted them in anyways or made any videos. Until it’s live and going… it doesn’t exist to me. That’s also why I had to tell people to stop trying to recruit for them in here… as that will be my job if it ever ends up being a real thing :wink:. Everyone be safe out there

how so…? u o ly have to clear like 300 to be all the way in the black. 200$ fee 25$ in gas will surely put u back in the black unless ur vehicle only gets like 12-15miles per gallon

how can you say it’s pretty much a pyramid scam? show proof so the feds can shut them down…as pyramid scams are illegal

to all the people that’s bashing, jus be careful. remember we are adults and slander can land you in prison for 6 months or more plus a fine so tread carefully on this new company. the truth will come to the light. #financialintelligence

they are using a name that is already been trademarked by a hotel chain. The name TRYP is already in use. That alone should put up a red flag.