Try to do a research

If you are not making money at it find something else that will. Im not against those protesting for better pay with Uber.
You say you want freedom and to be you own boss and run your business but here you are running around with the employee mentality. You cant have your cake and eat it too. Stop hating the rest of us that learned how to work our businesses to profit. If you havent learned or bothered to take the advisement thats on you. The tools are right there on google, You tube and groups like these. If you havent even attempted to learn or educate don’t be petty.
You cant work 10 hours a week with your car parked with your thumb up your ass and bitch that you are not making money if you aren’t willing to put in the effort. If your market is over saturated put in the time to drive elsewhere. If there is a higher driver to rider ratio educate yourselves on the weeks events? Pretty straightforward. If I pissed off or offended any one with this post find yourself a safe space because no f*cks were given while I was writing it.

One thing about being your own boss is that you get decide what you charge for your services. Driving for uber and Lyft is not being your own boss because we do not get to make that decision.

Been a driver for.3 years not a newbie. If you don’t like it start your own company! You own your own business you will be working just as hard if not harder…Have a good day!

You don’t always get to make that decision either. In retail you are sometimes dictated by contract what a product will sell for. Also the market detects how much you can charge. Tell that to all the store owners that compete with Amazon, that can charge what they want.

So you think being a contract worker makes you have your own company in all the same ways a restaurant is one as an example? People offer contracts to workers all the time. Like construction companies who bid on contracts. If they get the contract they don’t get to turn around and tell the people who gave them the contract when they’re going to work and how much they’re going to charge. You’re perfectly free to tell Uber you won’t work for less than a certain amount, Uber will tell you they won’t pay that rate, and you’re free to go offer your services to someone that will. None of your rights as a contract worker are being violated by the agreement you signed.

“The ridiculous libertarian idea of “choice”—that if you accept a rotten deal, you can’t complain that it’s rotten, since you accepted it—seems to have become widely accepted. That’s unfortunate, because it’s a recipe for mass misery. If “well, you can always quit” can be used to justify any employment conditions, then employers can mistreat their workers however they please. So long as you are not literally enslaving people, but are instead merely preying on their economic need, you will have zero moral obligations, and any amount of pettiness, dehumanization, and overwork can be rationalized. Nobody who thinks people ought to live happy, dignified, free lives should accept this logic.”

But it’s an honest question: if you’re looking for work, read a contract, why would you then agree to the terms of the contract, sign your name, then turn around and complain about what you agreed to and signed? What did all these people do before Uber? You make it sound like there’s simply no other work for these people. They’re too stupid to do anything else and this is their last hope of survival.

The terms that many of us originally agreed to were suddenly changed after months of work. I personally gave up a different job to do this full time only to have the rates changed suddenly. Now I have a more expensive car than I would drive otherwise, as well as more expensive insurance coverage, and cell phone coverage than I would have otherwise. I am now stuck in this commitment and cannot easily transition out of it. If our contract was the same as our original agreement, and if they did not constantly shift our goalposts, making it more difficult each day to earn the same money, I wouldn’t have much to complain about. This is the only job I have ever had where the common story is folks making LESS money the longer they work.

I work my ass off 40 hours a week and I get to go home some weeks I make more some weeks not as much. But thats business. you think stores make the same amount every week? No. Its a supply and demand. If your market isnt busy during the winter because of lack or population or seasonal climate change. Put in the effort to research markets around or go to closer but bigger area if your state allows you too. You can write the miles and gas your traveled off. If your not making money from it or profit from it. Find something else to supplement. You think ubers bad? Ive never not made a long pickup fee. Have you driven for lyft?

that’s all fine and dandy, but the real issue is the rate cut per mile. At .60/.64 cents per mile, it doesn’t matter how smart you work, that’s not an acceptable rate. Some of us just do this p/t and I really don’t drive much but when you sit and factor in costs and time, they need to do better.
Not sure what market you drive, is it .60 cents where you are?

Same thing could have been said with any employment throughout the years.
Like when kids would be working in factories
You need to have a set of rules to have to follow or else the employee will always be taken advantage off.

I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing corporations. If corporations refuse to pay a living wage to employees, contractors, etc., that corporation doesn’t need to exist. Charge more and take care of your workers. Unionization won’t destroy the rideshare industry. Corruption will.

I just wonder what kind of job you did before Uber show up and shine the LIGHT up on you?
Got to be Janitor or something horifying terible as Uber makes your dreams come through?

It’s not like we have to set the prices. Uber does it for us so we don’t have to play the predict the market game. I’m satisfied with how this format works. I make coins. I also make friends, since it’s a small town.

If your full-time employer decrease your pay yearly what you just sit back and say nothing. You guys missed the point has nothing to do with not wanting to work or knowing how to work or learning how to be profitable it’s as simple as the pay started at here and Through the Years you continuously decreased the pay no one should be okay with that I don’t care how much you know how to work the market

For a part timer I do quite well. I can make as much or as little as I want. It’s by far the best part time job I have ever had. If you want to make money you have to have a strategy or you will just drive around in circles wasting gas and wear and tear on your car.

because you have no idea what your expenses are, you have no idea what you actually make.

Anytime your car is started and moves, there is an expense generated. Strategy can reduce miles but it cannot get rid of the expense of those miles.

Ger smart or be prepared for that first major expense coming out of your doing quite well.

A true business owner would be scared out of his or her mind if they did not know what their expenses were. You do not and therefore have no idea what you actually make.

Cash flow is completely different from profit.The drivers that think they’re actually making money doing this are having A tough time distinguishing between a pocket full of fools gold and actual profit. Uber is stealing from you at an alarming rate and it gets worse every week. Believe me when I tell you you are being bamboozled exploited used and treated like a tampon by these big rideshare companies.

All the people crying need to explain who put the gun to their head to work for Uber. If you hate it so much go do whatever it was you were doing before this. Uber isn’t your god. If you just aren’t smart enough to do anything else, that sucks, I guess you’re screwed. Some of us make money at this. Anna likes the job. I like the job. A lot of people like the job. It doesn’t mean we work for Uber as employees. Most of the problems we have are with passengers, customers, or safety, not the company and how it pays. Seriously, if you’re making twice as much as your last job with half as many hours, why would you complain? My last job I busted my ass 60 hours a week to take home $500 a week after gas. I do 30 hours now and I take home $900 if I’m doing Uber X. This week was slow. I only made $500 for 20 hours of work. I was lazy. That’s on me. But if you guys know how it should be done, get some money together and start your own company. It costs $5,000 to register a rideshare in CT and it’s crazy busy out here. It’d cot about $50,000 to develop an app and another $50,000 to get it going locally. So do something like that. Show Uber how much you want to pay everyone.

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This young man fell asleep at the red light coming off of 20 West Moreland exit this morning. I passed him twice and the people were blowing behind him but no one called the police. So after my last ride I came down 20 West and got on Moreland the man was still asleep. There was this truck in front of me with two guys in it they kept blowing so finally the guys in the truck got out one on one side one on the other side of his car they open the door woke the man up. The man got out of the car toad the two guys that he was okay. So they got back in their truck and the man that was sleep in the car Lyft driver. I truly believe he was still asleep talking in his sleep to the two the guys. The man got back in his car took off really really fast straight ahead straight across the street into a building. Has anyone in here ever fell asleep at stop light because you work too long? Sometime we just got to let those bills ride