Truck drivers are generally not known for their hygiene efforts

Never have I EVER came across a person that smelled so damn bad that they made me vomit… until tonight.
Tim, the 500 lbs stank ass guy that I dropped of at shango dispensary…omfg.
I tried cracking the window… that didn’t help.
I LITERALLY puked as he stepped out of my car…
Ruined my night…ugh

He was a truck driver from Atlanta. I picked him up from the Cosmo… they probably kicked his stank ass out… it was AWEFUL

one that’s a fucked up generalization to include most fat people. Second they literally make products on sticks so that is not an excuse. This dude stinking is on his own.

Long Horn on Boulder? You should probably get your vehicle fumigated for bed bugs too. I’m surprised we don’t have more cases of that with some of the real city bus riding trash we pickup.

it’s sitting in the heat right now.
I picked him up from Cosmo…i never thought a patron of Cosmo would smell THAT bad.

not kidding. I’m probably under guessing. My car tilted when he got in and out. I was stressing physical damage would result…

hey I hope you are feeling better.i hope you don’t think I was making light of your situration I apologize. Feel takes some guts you women whom are driving out here.we all have our reasons for being out here.i have all the respect for the woman who do this occupation. Esp at nite

weight was no excuse for this guy… he was just a nasty individual. I know lots of thick, big, and even very large sized people that have prefect hygiene.i also know many tiny people that habe horrible hygiene. It’s a personal behavior… not size related.
His size was only as issue for me because the potential damage. I’ve seen damage done to vehicles due to extreme weight.

The fucked apart about people that Obese, even if they were to Try and shower everyday or Remember to use Deodorant - they cant reach everything in and around that body, so in conclusion - they Will Continue to have a Sourness shitty smell that Wont go away… It really blows my mind that people don’t care Enough or Realize about their Personal Hygiene and that it Really affects others. If you can afford and Uber/Lyft - you’re ass can afford to Shower. I hope you 1 Starred with the CLEANLINESS REASON.

They need to get shower heads that they can hold in their hands so they could just shoot the water up in the folds and the smelly places places

That’s like sick and unusual torture there’s not enough money in the world to do that who wants to wash that stank

Lol they have those type of sprayers for washing your own car that dispenses soap and water at the same time, have to put it on Jet mode for serious cases.

I always ask the front seat bad breath guys what they had to eat, and then say “oh I figured you had a bowl full of assholes for lunch.”