Trouble after only three weeks driving

I’ve been driving with Ubereats for the last three weeks and have dome about 85 delivers. However in that time i’ve received 3 complaints that I did not come to the door that are untrue.

Most of my orders the coustmer is standing outside waiting for the order or they see me getting out of the car and they meet me halfway. But still I get did not come to door complaints.

Uber help is beyond useless. What am I soposed to do? Am I soposed to chaperone the coustmer back to their front door with the food? That would be a bit creepy and probably leed to more complaints.

Uber has their system set up so drivers get untrue negetaive feedback and get their account deactivated after their rating drops. Thete’s no way for a driver to succeed even If they strive to provide good service.

It’s like Uber dosen’t want long term drivers.

I agree with you. Uber’s customer service is useless. You always get that generic response from them which not helpful at all to a specific situation.

My advice to you is that look at what it says on the drop-off pin. It should say either “Stay in the car” or “Deliver to the door.” Most of the time it is the former in my experience.

I have done quite a bit of UberEats delivery and never had any customer complaint about not delivering the food to their door, or in general, no complaints at all.

It isn’t even a bot the directions in the app. I’m getting negative ratings for not coming to the door when the customer is standing in the street waiting for me to pull up. even when they see me coming up the walkway and they come out to meet me in the yard I still end up getting a negative rating for not coming to the door.

Well, there are some people that you cannot satisfy.

They also might be trying to score some free food by complaining, just as some riders were doing with UberX drivers to get free rides.

I would recommend you to put your head down, keep working and not fret about the ratings. There’s no point in arguing with Uber. It’s a waste of time unless it is a serious matter.

You will hear from Uber if your ratings go too low.

Also, signup with other delivery companies like DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, etc. to have a backup option.

Contact Support=No more deliveries afterwards?..Having an average/high number of deliveries and the customer doesn’t come to the door. And they won’t answer the phone. Contact support. They call the customer and it works right away. Which is an utterly ridiculous app fail. But not the point… After item is delivered… No more deliveries offered. WHY? It wasn’t my fault the app didn’t work and customer is def to someone banging on their front door. Doordash fail.