Tried to persuade me to not go thru insurance. i guess he was just hoping it would all be forgotten about

so on June 9th i got clipped by and uber driver while i was getting ready to pick up at suntrust and i just now got the estimate taken care of. it wasnt until aroumd the 20th i found out he had not reported to his insurance company and so i had to file everything for him. He didnt exactly run, he stayed for the police report.

:cry::cry::cry::cry:aww someone told me it could be buffed out or something like that. The top or the lip can’t be buffed out? Well I got something that can be buffed out if somebody feels like buffinh

see where its dented real hard on the right side of that little light? that’s creased meaning you wont be able to remove it completely

I just replaced my side mirror and it was easy and cheap. Go on Amazon and search for side mirror for the make and model of your car. Make sure it’s the right year and if its drivers or passenger side. My mirror cost $38 on Amazon and took 15 minutes to replace. I went on YouTube and they have step by step instructions.

They have 100s of video for different make and models. You only have to remove a small rubber panel on the corner of the window to get to the screws. It’s very simple.

You pop off the corner rubber panel where the guy point his finger at. It’s normal 3 screws that hold the mirror up. Also its 1 cable you might have to unplug if you have power mirrors. I do it for a Zaxbys chicken finger dinner.

Awww damn, your mirror is more expensive. My 2007 Honda Accord cost only $38. Your mirror is more than $100. But check eBay too and what the other person said.

I see, it’s like you have a luxury car. I would also check Craigslist for parts. You might get lucky. Or AutoZone might have a special. The damn dealership quoted me $245 to repair my mirror. They are crazy.

Trunk can be repaired and repainted, fender can be popped (with maybe a dimple left) and front bumper can be wetsanded and buffed. I’ve seen thousands times worst and fixed

no lol he posted some shit about “AmeriKKKa” just to provoke people (had nothing to do with rideshare, just a rap video about tge struggles of the black community and i asked how it was relavant to rideshare and i guess that really butthurt him lol

told you was a racist why did you have to say he was black, see I know ppl like you had to deal with your kind in prison faking it so nobody won’t see who you really are, :sunglasses: Now I see why you had the video removed because it was talking bout YOU…lol

Yes, u may be able to use a hairdryer to push the dents out of that bumper (it’s plastic right). U might be able to save some money

No the hair dryer trick only works on plastic bumpers If you’re lucky though you can probably get most of that out buy a suction cup or banging on it from the inside of the panel