Transport fountain drinks

EATs drivers - how do you transport fountain drinks? The super large ones fit in the cup holder but they often leak or dribble and it gets hella sticky/messy. Not to mention, now I have to hold my coffee the entire time or put it in the backseat cup holders (which are not even close to being sturdy enough to hold 2 super large fountain drinks).

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Happy Holidays!

There’s really not much you can do you just have to work out what works for your car. Sometimes they have drink carriers that have a handle. But ultimately you just have to be careful cuz you don’t want to mess in your car for sure!

Drink it down a little so it doesn’t spill, duh? I’m probably the only person left on this planet who doesn’t drink soda. Lol

coffee, water, beer, OJ, lemonade, “craft” soda made with sugar, not corn syrup. I drink water all day. I have a cup of black coffee for breakfast. Maybe a Starbucks coffee on occasion. I just can’t drink all that sugar in one sitting. Makes me nauseous.

the sodas are treats, for once in awhile. Try to limit my coffee to 2-3 cups/day, drink mostly water, but lemonade to mix it up, and a glass of juice at breakfast…

Maybe look for a holder on Amazon. Another option you could do is get some kind of sticker like a :slight_smile: or something that would go over the hole where the straw would go

they do that at MCD and it ends up bubbling over and popping. That’s a bigger mess - more splatter or get a small bucket or trash can and maybe put a couple wash clothes in there to put in between the drinks that way nothing will spill even if you are a crazy driver. LOL

I have shopping basket I use for my other job they are pretty inexpensive only thing is you are going to have to use stuff go keep them up right while you drive I have stuff I carry for my other job where I do the same thing only for seniors so its easier. but… like I would have all the food I’m bringing to them along with the drink and my folder and paperwork and pens and stuff so it holds the drink up right.

Put one between your legs and hold one in your hand. That the only way for it to not spill and you have control. Thats if you are comfortable driving one hand. You beat me to it lol truly the best solution of all indeed

At Starbucks we’d put them in a box with the flaps folded in, I do the same now when I do eats. Also Starbucks is doing UberEats so get ready for that lol one place gave their fountain drinks in a plastic bag with a handle and a divider. That was handy for carrying to/from the restaurant!!

no. It looked like it was designed to better carry multiple drinks. Those McDonald’s style flimsy cup holder trays are useless. This type was great. I had full control the entire time.

All restaurants that offer fountain drinks to go should utilize those carriers!!

definitely! I told SBUX leadership for years to invest in better carrying devices, but it looks like places are coming around! I knew the straw ban would fizzle lol

I carry 2 thermal zip bags for drinks and the cup drinks bbn I place in my open console. I try to keep it neat and secure. Anyhow, thermal bags works for me. It’s cold or hot…whatevers added keeps it at the temp.

Next time in McDonald’s grab a few extra cup holders. If Uber wants to send us thermal bags, I’ll keep em in my car, but I’m not springing for that shit…

Spend that kind of $$? You out to make $$ look up on YouTube, they may have some awesome ideas. I surely wouldn’t spend $$ for them. Just sayin… Don’t do eats anymore. It’s the worst idea!

I appreciate your concern for MY livelihood. I actually live in a great area for EATs and do pretty well. So, if it didn’t work for you and you feel EATs is a stupid idea, I suppose this comment doesn’t really concern you. But, I know it’s tough when you have impulse control issues. Please let me be the first to tell you, that you don’t have to reply to every comment. :wink: you’re welcome.

I make about $1,000/ mo working 20-25 hours a week delivering food. I work a couple week days and 2-3 weekends a month.

While I’ve had minor inconveniences like spilling/bubbling over pop or stanky food, no one has vomited in my car, spilled nacho cheese and attempted to wipe with a full cup of coffee or shit their pants in my car.

I don’t have awkward conversations with entitled assholes who haven’t showered in years, give me no tip and finish with a 1 Star review.

I don’t feel like UBER is the only job I can get and I don’t bitch incessantly about the horrible pax, the competition with excessive drivers and crappy fares for pax.

That’s Uber pax in a nutshell based on the commentary I’ve read since joining this group and other Uber groups.

I don’t hate what I do. So don’t hate on what I do. I’ll worry about my shit and you go worry about yours.

Thanks to the other usable suggestions I got. Happy Holidays!

Keep a small box in your trunk and a large towel or 2 inside to use for a divider support and when you need it, bring it to the front seat, if it spills a little, the towel absorbs it. The McDonald’s carrier for Uber eats works well