Trans customer sexually assaulted me

I was driving a customer home from the casino the trans person was drunk and in some sort of rage the lady/guy was asking me about my penis size I never responded the the lady/guy reached in the front while I was driving and grabbed between my legs I was fighting the lady/guy off me this went in for 2 to 3 minutes while I was driving. I stopped he/she got out the car and walked in the house. How can I take further action

Hello, Fuly_Kuly!

I encountered something similar a couple months ago. Once, after trip, the Lyft informed me that a customer had complained to customer support because I had sexually harassed him. This was unexpected because the trip went quietly and calmly, and I definitely did not do anything like what he is talking about.

I asked the Lyft to review the case but they didn’t want to look into the situation, which had a big impact on my background check. I was fired and now I can’t find a new job. I started my own dispute as I found an article on how to dispute lyft background check. It gave me some thoughts that helped me to start fighting this injustice.

I am waiting for a decision and I think you should do the same because customers sometimes don’t behave properly and the background check suffers. Good luck with that!