Totally pick up low rated PAX

I typically pick everyone up but I do look at the ratings. Had a 4.3 the other day picked he and 3 of his friends up. You could tell he knew his rating because he was working hard to be a good PAX even telling his buddies to chill out or he’ll get a bad rating. I gave him a 5 for his effort.

I don’t always pay attention to the Pax ratings and I’ve only gotten maybe 1 pax out of the 50 or so who deserved a sub-4.5 rating (he had a 4.7 or so but was an arrogant jerk but that’s a story for another day.)

If you tip, accept surge rates, or otherwise significantly brighten my day, you get 5 stars. Otherwise, you get 4 or less, depending on your promptness and attitude. I could not possibly care less if anyone else does not like my way of doing things.

There was a guy I picked up twice who only had about a 4.3 or something like that. I was new so didn’t pay too much attention to the rating but found it odd he was so low.Ended up picking him up a week later and he tried coming onto me ,and immediately I knew why he got low ratings. I trust the ratings now, but I’m not anal. A 4.7 is still good in my book!!

If you don’t have cash to tip, don’t uber. Do you go to restaurants without enough money to pay for dinner and a tip? Life is simple, you aren’t entitled to an uber. You are a driver for Christsake. Stiffing your fellow drivers is beyond the pale.

Ok say what you will but I rate 5 stars as long as a pax isn’t a disrespectful ****. Uber tells pax no tip needed so I don’t rate low if they don’t tip. Whenever I get a chance I explain to them that uber is full of $#!+.

The pax always seem enlightened and say next time I will bring cash. A lot of people never carry cash restaraunts and bars even take tips on card. So I keep in mind many time people go out intending to drive home then end up needing an uber.

Except for when you need to take an Uber. I withdraw cash if I need an Uber. Take Uber somewhat frequently? Keep some cash on hand, it’s a good idea to at least have $5 in ones in your wallet at all times for who knows what.

I rarely look at the rating, I am more concerned about where I am picking someone up, I wish they give you more time to hit accept so I did have a chance to look at it.

True. And there are those drivers who take credit cards with the Square. My guess is they are few and far between. But who said anything about tipping. That horse left the barn along time ago.

Here my true story, yesterday I picked up 4 .7 rider to airport, I stuck on highway, the rider pushed me constantly changed lane and blamed me for not taken. Carpool lane. He does not let me explain why I can’t obeyed him to changed lane. He gave me 1 Star rate. You have to be smarter, deal with low rate could lead you to nowhere. If you canceled on uber than just turn on lyft.

I have picked up passengers with low ratongs. I had seen 1.2 and 3.4 on lyft and 3.8 on uber. I have picked them up . If it’s a college town and it’s a dude I wouldn’t cancel. Most of the times they sound happy and said they were thankful I picked them up. Must be frustrating that the drivers are cancelling them . one of them tip me $5 for a 8 mile trip.

For those that mention that they use uber all the time and then don’t tip me, 2 stars. If you tip and you are a good pax, 4 or 5 stars depending on the amount tipped. Plain and simple.

That said, I try not to pick anyone up below 4.6, but when there is a decent surge or it’s really slow I sometimes cave. In most cases I’ve found those lower rated passengers to still be decent people, but sometimes they may get low ratings for taking short trips or not speaking English well.

Tipping is the American way. We even tip our postman. But don’t hate on America. An American company is giving you an opportunity to make some honest buck down there.

I give everyone five stars unless they do something to deserve less. Not tipping doesn’t rate. If you have a problem with Uber marketing itself as no-tipping, that’s fair - I have a problem with it too. But to take it out on the pax? That’s just petty.

The trick to maintaining a 5* as a pax? Be ready for me when I arrive, don’t slam my doors, be polite…talk/don’t talk, I don’t care…but say thank you For goodness sakes! And a tip. Even a meager tip says you appreciated that I arrived on time, with a nice clean care, and drove you safely to your destination.