Took Uber rider to their former residence and got rear window smashed

Ok so has anyone ever had a pax get their belongings from their former residence and the pax get into a verbal altercation with the people there then as you leave with the pax someone blocks your exit to the neighborhood with their car. You go around the car, and someone opens your driver door then the rear door as you drive away then someone else smashes your rear window with a rock and you lead a car chase to the police station where no one gets arrested even though the person who damaged your car is there. I’m just wondering how long it takes to get the window replaced. I’m glad no one got shot.

OMG, how frickin scary!!! Glad you’re ok!!! :fearful::fearful: How in the BLEEP did the suspect not get arrested??? :pray::pray::pray::pray: You can get it fixed quickly!!

It was going to be my last ride of the night anyways. The cops are like don’t pick up people there. I’m like yeah bc I control that.

The cops did their job, but in MD if they don’t see the crime, the victim has to report it. This is property damage no one was hurt probably thanks to me being able to get us out of there and to the police station in the way I did.

How long till they replace the window is all I care about. Lyft says gets an estimate and get back to us.

They will only pay up to $250 then the rest you’ll have to file under your insurance.

I’ll be finding it under their insurance, not mine. I’m still waiting for them to get back to me. Total so far $1500.00 to repair the damage. Much worse than it appears in the photos.

Lyft has a $2500 deductible, plus if it was not done by your pax why would they pay?

Had to have my windshield replaced. Went online, ordered a tech to come to me. Cost me 327$ and was done in about 30 mins but couldn’t drive for about an hour after.

Contact Lyft/Uber to see what your next step will be. Have you done that first? The write-down details of the issue and take lots of pictures Save all details in a safe place for future use. Making sure that very document or picture is dated with date and time yours.

If the cost to repair the window is greater than $250, then you are out of luck and will have to pay for it yourself.

Lyft has an insurance deductible of $2,500.

You will have to recover your money by suing the person that you pressed charges on.

I had a trip request, and when I pulled up to the house there were two adults fighting and a girl trying to break it up, they were drunk, I drove off a bit away, called the police, and yes I did wait for enough to collect a cancellation fee.

Please ignore all the keyboard warriors and their ignorant rants about carrying a gun or wishing that this sort of thing happened to them.

As pointed out above, you will most likely have to fix the window at your cost because of Lyft’s $2500 deductible. Take the person to small claims to recover your money.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that having a GOOD dash camera can help in situations like these, especially if you have a 3 camera system that catches Front View, Passenger View & Rear View.

If you would have had that camera setup, you would have been able to show the police the footage and had them arrested.

My son went to jail just last month for allegedly kicking someone’s car. The police were called out; the girl couldn’t press charges because the car was not in her name. He said she tried to hit him with the car. Her mom was an hour away, and when she got there, she called the cops and was able to press charges for damaging property. The state ended up not accepting the charges, but he spent three days in jail before being bonded out.

I have a camera. Lyft is being helpful it’s just taking a while. When I called to follow up after the assessment was submitted from the body shop the guy on the phone pulled up the account and said Holy Shit!!! Then proceeded to tell me it has been elevated to the highest levels and that is what’s taking so long.

Update: it has been explained to me that lyft doesn’t want to help. I have one guy fighting for the max $250 interior damage payment. However, because the interior damage was caused by the exterior damage, they may deny this, but he is fighting. He explained that their insurance has a $2500 deductible and this damage is only $1500. So the insurance won’t touch it unless it is over $2500. There is more damage than could be assessed by the body shop since I took it upon myself to clean up the glass after a lack of response from Lyft. The leather seats are so badly damaged that the leather should all be replaced. The new COO of Lyft is fighting to get these horrible insurance policies changed.

In addition to all this lack of help. Trust and Safety have deactivated my account until they get a safety inspection which they won’t pay for either. So I am seriously considering speaking with my attorney or going to small claims over all this. I didn’t cause this damage. I have done everything I was told to do by Lyft yet they still refuse to rectify the situation. I am out $600+ in income as of today. Can’t see mom for mothers day now bc I’m not driving 75 miles with plastic on my window. I cannot get the glass replaced until Tuesday. I wish after Lyft requested the assessment from the body shop they could have just said we refuse to help you so I could have had it fixed myself before the weekend.

Why would you pay their deductible anyway??? Small claims are the way to go. Lyft doesn’t rush these things. I was out for a week because the Pax lied and stated I asked him for cash for a cleaning fee because his guest vomited and handed me cash saying he was sorry. I NEVER asked and if I did why leave me a tip in the app??? Good luck

Rideshare insurance only covers the prior from which you receive the call until you pick the person up at which point lyft’s insurance takes over. I’ve already tried to go through my insurance they won’t touch it.

Small claims are the way to go.

Rideshare insurance covers from the time you accept a ride until you have a passenger in the car. I had a passenger in the car when this happened. Lyft’s policy has a $2500 deductible. They will not touch it unless there is over $2500 in damage. I will have to sue them.

Do you have additional Rideshare insurance through YOUR insurance? Totally different than Lyft’s insurance and if you read my initial reply you would understand my second response and why people were telling you to go through your personal insurance.

Additional rideshare insurance covers the period from when you accept a call until the passenger is in the vehicle and the ride has begun. My insurance is saying they won’t touch it because I had a passenger in the vehicle and was on an active ride. Lyft’s insurance is responsible however their policy has a $2500 deductible so they won’t touch it.

Ok, you’re not picking up what I’m putting down… You already stated that. You were asked about your additional Rideshare coverage and with whom do you have it.

So, you have Rideshare coverage, and thus the reason YOUR insurance denied you coverage. Everyone thought you didn’t have your Rideshare coverage.