Took a Pool Ride - Two Passengers showed up instead of one


(Jose Hernandez) #1

So today during a 1.7x surge, I decided to take a Pool ride after turning them down all day. The pool ride was labeled as one passenger but low and behold, when I arrive, it’s a group of 4 college girls. I ask them how many passengers they have and they confirm 4. Then I explain I can’t take that many for a Pool ride, the limit is 2, and that they need a UberX instead. I explain that it’s a shared ride and with 4 people, I can’t pick up extra passengers. Of course, immidiately after, they start showing me an attitude and start saying how they apparently tried to order an UberX but it didn’t work. I knew this was bullshit immidiately. They were trying to make an excuse as to why they chose the cheaper pool ride instead of the X. I stood my ground and told them I’m not going to take them and to order an UberX. I cancelled and drove away. Even with a 1.7x surge, it’s not worth taking a Pool, especially when the riders were trying to cheat a Pool ride. Unfortunately, I’m positive they girls didn’t change their ride after I left and most likely they ordered that same Pool ride again and some poor driver eventually decided to take them.

(Sheena Washington) #2

1.7 isn’t even enough to justify driving Pool anyway.

(Dennis Scott) #3

I just don’t like doing it. Picking up two pax that don’t know each other. Sometimes one of them don’t know what it is. They just chose the cheaper ride. I’ve had a few people annoyed that I was getting another ride. “I’m in a rush”. No way. Not doing that.

(Chris Stipe) #4

You definitely did the right thing for standing your ground.

Adam Holmes, depending on the rider’s destination, they can save from 10-20% off of their fare which means you, as a driver can potentially lose just as much from your earnings for that ride even without an extra pickup, per se’. You lose more if there is.