Too many drivers and less volume, any side gig?

Since UBER kind of sucks for an income stream now, has anyone in here tried another side income like network marketing? Maybe do some driving and recruiting. I know Uber doesn’t like that but who cares, not like they are paying a living wage right?

I’ve only been driving a month, but it seems plenty busy to me. mostly friday and saturday nights, and I seem to go from ride to ride to ride. Yes, and I LOVE my Bolt. You must have to stop and charge a lot in a leaf. What’s your range?

I run a health products business and pretty much do Uber to network. I make way more from networking than fares. Easy way to meet people

I hate that term! Living wage? Are you dead? No? Then you must be living. Wanna make more? Get some Salvation Army clothes, a piece of cardboard and some charcoal and sit on a freeway ramp.

LOL. I have no doubt many of the panhandlers make more money per hour.
I have seen panhandlers take an Uber ride home!

I still cant wrap my head around how you guys complain about not making money. Maybe it’s your market. Between Uber and Lyft, I make plenty, put a couple thousand in savings each month and dona Europe trip everybfew months.

just be happy. Quit bragging and rubbing it in the noses of those who are struggling. I live in an area with a good market but it could change any day and you may just have to learn to adjust. Be careful, the karma bus will come. Maybe not tomorrow but when you least expect it and at the wrong time. Be grateful not boastful.

Here is the deal…in any industry where you are not an hourly or salaried employee…that industry has 1%'s. Those are the people that make the most money. When I ran a car dealership, you had a couple sales people making $15K-$20K a month…and th less rest were lucky to get to $3K a month. The only difference between those people…was their drive and hustle and commitment to knowing their products.

Same goes with Uber…you have full time drivers making $10K plus a month after their vehicle expenses. The difference between those drivers and the constant whiners in this group is the same thing. If anyone wants to know how to double their Uber/Lyft income who is struggling, I would be glad to talk to them via messenger.

my point is this is a forum to help people. All you had to do was post the last 3 sentences of your last response and you may have been able to truly help someone. Instead you most likely made someone feel bad. I live in a very busy market so I can easily make $300 on a Friday or Saturday night. I don’t need to do this full-time. I have a seasonal business but it can still be frustrating when you plan to go out and drive during peak times and don’t hit your goal.

Wow, Stuart is doing what MLMers do. He’s planting a seed of curiosity and waiting for you guys to asks what he does. Then he will PM with details. I do the same thing with my MLM business. It has worked great for me and my team members. It allows me to make great residual income.

If people have never experienced or even KNOW what residual income is, they’ll never know what they’re missing out on. I have a decent size successful team, meaning lots of people earn money.

Network marketing is such a bad career decision that depending on it for your primary income literally shortens your life expectancy. Literally.

I love my full time job. Why? Because network marketing allowed me not to be stuck in a job I don’t enjoy going to. It gave me the power of choice, it pays for my vacations, and pays my mortgage. That’s just my experience.

I work for the post office 20 years now. Uber/ Lyft/DoorDash/ Uber eats and now trying to get in with Amazon flex and any other app I can download on my phone. I even do a phone sex app if they create one lol girl 6

I drive 6 days a week, 6-8 hours a day and I make after fuel cost around $600-800 a week. Please tell me why this can’t be considered a full time job?

My Son drives Uber and sometimes Lyft. He makes a very decent income every week. It baffles me when people say, " get a real job" the payout is REAL money. Those who complain could never truly establish their own business. Self employment is hard work… There are good and bad days. If that’s hard to grasp, than I suggest those folks go punch a time clock.

ur math skills aren’t so good. Even if it were 8 hours a day 6 days a week and the low end being $600 week, that’s still 12.50 an hour. But if I go with the average it’s more like 16.50. Also I said that’s after expenses! So no I’m not gonna get rich, but I pay my bills just fine.

The rubber has to hit the road in order to make any money in ridesharing.

Dont want your car to age? Never drive it off the dealership lot.