To all female driver

When PAX hit on you and making you feel uncomfortable, be firm and tell them to discontinue such behaviour immediately. If they continue, tell them that the next time that you must speak to them, the trip ends. If they persist, pull to a safe location, invite the passenger to exit the vehicle. If he balks, call the police at once. Report the incident to Uber immediately after the police have removed him from your vehicle.

Goggles and pepper spray work wonders. I always drive with goggles on and when people ask, “What’s with the goggles” I pepper spray the entire car.

If this is your first really uncomfortable moment you are doing great, just keep doing what you’re doing. Unfortunately, you are going to run into some guys like this that do not take the subtle hint and you have to get more and more direct.

Tell him that every word is being streamed through the app to monitors at the Uber headquarters. Then drive to a busy, well-lit store (or other very public place) and ask him to leave the vehicle. If he doesn’t leave, turn off the vehicle, take your keys, and go inside while he makes other arrangements. Keep an eye on your vehicle from a distance, along with an employee or other trustworthy witness.

unfortunately the Uber platform doesn’t allow that “luxury” of having control of yourself. Uber owns you when you drive for them, and when you drive for them, you do EVERYTHING to please the customers.

I haven’t had this with passengers to this extreme, yet. I have had the pretty persistant hitting on me and when I tell them firmly that I already said no, they have quit it. Unfortunately I have been hit on rather aggressively by other drivers.

First off don’t be afraid to get a 1 star. People let the rating system control them and let the pax get away with murder. Be firm with them and let them know you provide a car service to A and B and would like to keep it professional. If they don’t like it then demand them out.

Here’s what I’d tell my sister, mom or girlfriend; don’t concern yourself with being polite! Focus on being stern! Just say, “look buddy, fun is fun but you’re stepping over line! You’re making me feel uncomfortable! This is a job for me! This is how I feed my kids. Stop it now or this ride is over!”

Given how twisted the justice system has become in this country, the would-be rapist would file a criminal complaint against the woman who used it and she would be arrested, prosecuted, tried, convicted and fined/jailed.

Hopefully mere mentioning of it will act as a deterrent… Of it goes beyond that, with dashcam footage, jurors might side with the victim… At least that’s my hope! But I get your point.

I’m honestly hoping to get back to my Career before I get to 50. But it’s taking longer than expected. That’s part of life!! Just gotta keep pushing, after the hurdles that you go through!! I do like the job, my own hours, etc, so I can do computer/networking/interviews during day, and work after that.

When I was driving Yellow Cab, out of 500 drivers, only about 5 were women and 4 of them worked daylight specializing in school trips and taking elderly people to their doctor’s appointments. Just 1 dame working at night.

LOL just occurred to me that uber wouldn’t be able to expunge a 1star ratings drop and a negative ‘top reported issue’ comment from a driver who reported harassment.

Since this was late night after a comedy show, and possibly a busy drunk night, you can easily just pull over in front of any cop (even one directing traffic ) and explain the situation. The cop will be able to protect you until others arrive.

All advice above including, be firm, not nice. Avoid second request from such a tool (egad, especially, same night and post-show), report to Uber why if you already felt uncomfortable dur first trip, but for second, you don’t need a reason, skip that dude, move on.
For one in a thousand times, I will admit yeah I probably should carry (leaning tazer), but so far I don’t.

It just sounded like a cheap shot capitalizing on the current mania that blew some recent events (some nefarious and others justified) into some sort of fake epidemic of racist cops. Instead, we should be condemning the few horrible ones while praising the majority who serve a vital purpose.

Need to vent about a ride tonight from Disneyland. Normally Disneyland trips are sweet and innocent… But definitely not tonight. Picked up a boyfriend/girlfriend combo tonight, who were very much drunk. Guy starts repeatedly touching me on the arm and shoulder, and trying to convince me to turn my Cargo box into my own merchandise box. I had to physically turn around and tell him that I did not want him touching me. Then, he immediately asked me if I had a lighter so he could smoke! I was so tempted to throw them out of the car! Then they asked to stop at the grocery store to get more alcohol! I made sure they didn’t open it in the car! True ride even though all of this happened on April Fools Day!

Good luck getting the pepper spray out of your car. You’re better off exiting the car and calling the police