Tired of Uber & Lyft? Give these Ten Gigs a Try!

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If you own a car and have some spare time, then you need to find a car gig job. If you want to earn some extra cash and do so without a lot of hassle, then a delivery service is better than a rideshare one. Here is a look at ten options you can join other than Uber and Lyft.

Just to add a bit of spice to the mix, driving for a rideshare company costs you more, is more intense worth ratings breathing down your back. Has more danger involved due to possible passenger violence and at the end of the day, is psychologically draining since you have to be nice to everyone that invades your personally owned car. Driving for a delivery service takes away the sting from working with people, it also reduces the cost of car maintenance and is less intense, even though you still need to deliver your packages on time,



DoorDash is not about the car; it's about the delivery. All DoorDash wants is a license, insurance and a clean history for driving and undergo a standard background screening process. You can take DoorDash's insurance plan that gives you "up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties" if you had an accident while delivering for DoorDash.

As a dasher, you will be expected to deliver food anywhere and everywhere, from homes to gardens, from picnics to government offices.

Apply: https://www.doordash.com/dasher/signup/Amanpreet-Bhangoo-5990/?utm_source=sms&utm_platform=android

A dashers pay is calculated as $1 + 100% of tip + pay boost. The category "Driver Orders" pays $5 per delivery and 100% of tip. The pay is given once a week and calculated on the period of Monday to Sunday.



This company pays you around $25 per hour. You just download the app, let them know where you are, and you start to receive requests. Your money is transferred to your bank account once a week.



Roadie is a small DoorDash; the same principles apply here as they do in DoorDash. Their site states that you get paid like this "Each direct payment should appear in your designated bank account within 4 – 6 business days of Gig completion," it says on the site.



GrubHub is one of the big three food delivery services, (UberEats, DoorDash & GrubHub). Since GrubHub is so big, you don't usually have a lot of free time, and deliver literally door to door seamlessly during your shift.

Apply: https://driver.grubhub.com/

GrubHub pays like this "You will be paid per order + 0.50 cents per mile from the restaurant to the customer + 100% of your tips." The average income a GrubHub courier makes is around $10 per hour.



This is a GrubHub company, and as such provides the same services and pay as GrubHub does. The pay is the same too.



This is a great passive advertising service that allows you, as a car owner, to earn around $264 and $452 a month for full advert wrap, and $196 – $280 a month for a partial wrap. If you only want a small panel wrap, then you will earn $84 – $140 every month. So, if you war working or not, you earn money by signing up for their mileage cap campaigns.

Amazon Flex


This is the delivery side of Amazon, where a vehicle owner will go to a central warehouse, pick up a block (package of items to be delivered) and then set off to deliver the packages within a time frame. (Usually 4 hours). There are a number of issues with this service, including returned items due to no-show customers and items going missing or being stolen when left in "secure" places. Drivers can earn up to $25 an hour, but that means you have to deliver 100% and on time, and don't forget to take off the expenses.

Apply: https://flex.amazon.com



This is a grocery delivery service that is similar to Instacart. Shipt was acquired by Target in 2017, so you are basically a shopper and courier all in one. You can earn around $15 and $25 per hour, and this is dependent on the size of the delivery.

Apply: Be a Shopper - Shipt Grocery Delivery



Instacart is shopping and delivery service, but is limited to iPhone users only. They have deals with Kroger, Food Lion and such. They pay around $15 per hour; you can make more, as well as less. They pay commission based on the size of the order. (Note, if you take 2 packages of 2-liter coke vs. 2 packages of 25g smarties, you will be paid the same.)



This is the private haul app, where large vehicle owners can bid on hauling for people. If your bid is successful, you end up shipping everything from paper to dead bodies, disassembled nuclear missiles to boxes of outdated Nike surplus.

Apply: uShip - Registration


This was just a brief outline of what you can do if you own a car and have a smartphone. There is so much more to do other than drive passengers around, all you need to do is look for it and consider its worth.

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Thanks for the info. Very useful. I do drive for more than one gig, in fact I work with over 5 different companies, but having more to choose from is better.

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I have, I have, I have and I have. Thank you once again. I am tired of constantly following up on new gigs and it would be great if you could provide a monthly update on new gig’s and where they are at.

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